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2023 Presidency: I will transform South-East, dialogue with agitators- Tinubu
By: News Editor
Thu, 24 Nov 2022   ||   Nigeria, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has vowed to transform the South-East and dialogue with agitators if elected President.
Tinubu disclosed this while addressing stakeholders and teeming supporters of APC at the presidential campaign rally, held at the Pa Ngele Oruta township stadium, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, on Thursday.
The Presidential candidate tasked citizens of the South-East region, especially the people of Ebonyi State to vote massively for the governorship candidate and all other candidates of the party, adding that the people must protect their votes after voting in the 2023 general election.
He said; “With the spirit of oneness, togetherness and unity, we will ensure the process of our country. It is only a progressive party that can change Nigeria. For the past 16 yrs of the PDP government, we had no steady electricity in Nigeria.’’
“We are progressives, we will do the right thing and we will move Nigeria forward. We will make southeast Nigeria, a Taiwan of Asia. We came in 2015 and we came to realize that transformation is a must for economic resuscitation and progress.”
“Our children’s education is very important for our today and tomorrow and we are working hard because education is the greatest weapon to poverty. We are going to reform our schools.”
“We want peace, we will talk to all the agitators, this thing is not done by conflicts. Whatever you say, our progress, our achievement of education of our children is very important for our today and tomorrow.’’
“We know the fact that education is the greatest weapon against poverty. We are going to give our children education and reform our schools.’’
“We are not going to be in crisis like other parties; we are going to succeed and we are going to win this election.”
“Transportation is a must for economy resuscitation and progress. We embark on a railway line even though they keep stealing the infrastructure. We are getting to the destinations where cocoa will move the bridge of this country. Where traders will exchange goods and services for the growth of our economy.
“You will not pay on estimated billing, extortionist and federal stealing.”



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