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Breaking: Students will ground political campaigns - NANS
By: News Editor
Wed, 21 Sep 2022   ||   Nigeria, Abuja

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) on Wednesday, has said that the Association will disrupt Political Campaigns that will kick off on September 28th.
It was reported that on Tuesday the Students Union made a new timetable for its Nationwide Strike.
The time-table was signed by the President-Elect of the Union, Usman Barambu.
According to the timetable Zone by Zone protests are scheduled to hold, from Zone A to Zone F, with Abuja as the location for a final protest.
The protests which began in September, will run till October 11th 2022, after which Barambu will lead the Abuja shutdown.
The Chairman of NANS National Taskforce on #EndASUUStrikeNow, Ojo Olumide, during an interview with Newsmen on Wednesday, said the Union will continue to shut down all National public assets, ranging from roads to Airport if the Federal Government refuses to resolve with the ASUU.
He said, “For those misconstruing our struggle, we call on them to see reason with Nigerian Students and join us in the struggle to save public education in the country.’’
“The leadership of NANS demands a better deal for the education of the Nigerian masses because most of the children of the privileged few now study either overseas or in Private Universities established with our common wealth across the country by the same set of people we entrusted to govern us. This is more reason they will continue to turn deaf ears to the demand by ASUU for improved standards and conditions of learning in our public higher institutions.’’
“Our blocking of access to public roads and ports is just a warning. If the government fails to conclude all the negotiations and agreement with ASUU within the frame of two weeks, they will witness more protests and rallies all over the country, they will also witness the annoyance, anger, and frustration of Nigerians Students who have been at home for the past Seven months.’’
“As we promise them that we will not allow any political campaign to hold across the country until we are back to class. This government has pushed so many Nigerians Students into depression. We say enough is enough; we can no longer bear the brunt of this avoidable crisis in our nation’s public ivory towers again.”


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