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Mr Peter Obi addressing Anambra Delegate

2023-Presidency: Why I visited Tafawa Balewa's tomb- Peter Obi
By: Cletus Sunday Ilobanafor
Tue, 17 May 2022   ||   Nigeria,

A leading Presidential Aspirants of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Peter Obi, has taken his presidential bid further by doing the unusual, visiting the tomb of one of the nation’s founding fathers, Alh. Tafawa Balewa. He made this solemn visit during his consultation tour to the Peoples Democratic Party delegates recently in Bauchi State to canvass for support in the forthcoming party primaries.

He made this known on Monday in Awka, when he met with prospective delegates from Anambra. Explaining the rationale behind his sacred visit, Dr. Peter said he visited the tomb of Nigeria’s foremost Prime Minister, Tafawa Balewa, as a mark of honour to the elder statesman who gave not only his all for the nation, but also the first Nigerian leader to take foreign loan that he used to build the Kainji Dam which is still on of the best power station we are leveraging on today.

He noted that while the Kainji Dam built with the first money borrowed by Tafawa Balewa in 1964 was still standing; the present government has nothing substantially tangible to show as justification for the incessant borrowings that had plunged Nigeria into heavy indebtedness.

He said: “Let us stop wasting our time; and let us join hands to fix Nigeria. I visited the tomb of Tafawa Balewa because he did some monumental with the loan he borrowed

in Nigeria to build the Kainji Dam which is still standing today. Where are the ones we borrowed recently?” He asked rhetorically.

He went further to explain that the country with 200 million people could not make progress with 4000 megawatt, while South Africa with 50 million people is generating 54,000 megawatts.

Harping more on government slackfulness, Dr. Obi lamented that Kaduna state had more arable land mass than Netherlands and wondered why Netherlands should earn more from export of agro produce than Nigeria.

While urging the PDP’s delegates in Anambra, to vote wisely during the upcoming national convention, Obi promised that given the opportunity to serve, the notion of sharing money would not only be a thing of the past, but also shift the conversation from sharing formula to production economy. He said Kaduna can sustain Nigeria, if optimally explored.

He sermonised the delegates to be guided by their conscience and vote in the interest of the country’s future and that of their children. He reminded that the decision they make would go a long way to determine what the future of the coming generations would be. According to him, monetary consideration should not be the major factor in choosing the party’s presidential candidate.

“For the sake of your children and future of Nigeria vote wisely. Don’t hurt the future of your children. Do you want to collect money and bequeath a society of hopelessness,

kidnapping, banditry and poverty to future generations? Is that the society you want for your children? Remember, you can’t transfer your delegate status to your children; hence, this is an opportunity for you to decide. I am competent, I am committed and I have the capacity to turn this country around. Please give me your votes,” Obi pleaded.

He said he decided to end his national consultation in Anambra, after going round the 36 state chapters of PDP, including Abuja, to demonstrate his commitment and faith to the cause. Obi said that his experience from the tour had strengthened his resolve to seek an opportunity to steer the ship of the country.

He likened the ship to the “titanic, which was sinking while those on top were making merry”.

He said during his tour he saw opportunities across the regions of the country.

“I concluded that it is unacceptable for the country to possess such huge human, arable land and natural resources and still have over 100 million people living in poverty,” he said.

Earlier, Dr Doyin Okupe, a former presidential spokesman to former

President Olusegun Obasanjo, described Dr. Obi as the best aspirant from across the country in the race. Dr. Okupe who likened Obi to late MKO Abiola, called on the delegates not to deny Nigerians the opportunity to vote the candidate they yearned for. He said that having a president from the South-East should not be seen as handing out a token but a necessity. He contended that the zone had one of the most qualified candidates to preside over the country.

“There is a national frenzy about Peter Obi, the second after Abiola. Every independent opinion poll in the last two weeks has favoured him. He has gone round the world seeking knowledge. He is the best from the east and better than others across the country. Anambra state is still reaping the benefits of Obi’s governance in the state. I will stop supporting him, if I see a candidate with better academic qualifications than your son,” Okupe said.


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