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Nigerians attack Fr Mbaka over comment on Peter Obi 
By: Abara Blessing Oluchi
Thu, 16 Jun 2022   ||   Nigeria,

The Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Fr. Ejike Mbaka has come under attack by Nigerians over his comment on the Labour party presidential candidate, Dr. Peter Obi.
Earlier, CEOAFRICA reported that Mbaka during a prayer service on Wednesday at the church in Enugu, which was attended by thousands of worshippers stated that Obi is a stingy man and cannot be Nigeria’s President.
Mbaka said Obi was a man without a generous spirit, adding that “a gum-holder would not be accepted a Nigerian leader”.
“It is better to have a president who is a gifted old man than a young man with ‘gum’ hands.”
“Peter Obi has a mouthful, he has nowhere to go unless he kneels down on the Adoration altar.” Mbaka said in a report by BBC Igbo Services.
He added that Obi had had insulted the Holy Spirit, saying that he helped Obi to become governor in Anambra and that he never returned to thank God.
“Who doesn’t spend his money eating what you want to support? Do you want people to starve? If he becomes president, he will close our ministry.
“If Igbo people are looking for a representative in Nigeria, they are not the kind of person Peter Obi is. Whoever refuses to donate to the church should be the president?” Mbaka said.
Nigerians who are not pleased by Mbaka's utterances, have lambasted the Rev Fr, describing him as "a fraudster on the pulpit!".
See comments as gathered by CEOAFRICA:
Anambra 1st sonπŸ’­-@UchePOkoye: Mbaka is a fraudster on the pulpit!
DR.PENKING™ πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ #PeterObi-@drpenking: My Peter Obi has already been blessed by the Pope, the highest authority in Roman Catholic and you expect me to take Rev Mbaka from Ketu who endorsed Buhari seriously? God forbid.
Shehu Gazali Sadiq- @Shehusky: Believe father Mbaka at your own peril. False prophet with receipt.
FS Yusuf @FS_Yusuf_ : If Stinginess is desiring to fund projects that would benefit a large number of people,other than putting d money in the pocket of 1 man,then I love this divine Stinginess. Fr Mbaka should take d last seat & cry aloud. Jesus could decide to feed only his disciples but he fed 5000
Ome n'uko, πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ (Peter Obi's Image Maker) @Mazipita: Fr Mbaka said a "stingy man can't be the Nigerian President." This man should stop πŸ›‘ disgracing Catholic Church biko nα»₯!
Bishop Onaga should be warning this man..
Justice Jide- @blaq_whale: Being my pastor, priest, Spiritual leader etc doesn't necessarily make you smarter than me. I won't challenge your utterances, but I'll definitely not believe or do it cos you're standing on the altar in white. Mbaka is bad news both to Igbos and the Catholic church.
Obinna Ugwuanyi-@Obim_jude: Catholic should suspend Mbaka suspend Mbaka.
BlaCkSuGaR-@SugarStormz: Peter Obi refused to give Mbaka any how money for donation , that's why Mbaka turned against him.
Peter Obi will rather donate that money to improve education .
#MyPeterObi- clever_obi uchendu- @Clever_uchendu: I was born and brought up in the Roman Catholic church, I have so much respect for Rev fr Mbaka, But as it stands right now, even Pope Francis can't tell me not to vote for Peter obi  talkless of Fr Mbaka, the same man that told us to vote for Buhari , Tueh πŸ˜ͺ
Chief Ikukuoma- @IkukuomaC: You saying a man that donated 100m of his personal funds to Bishop shanahan hospital Nsukka is stingy? Mbaka should let Peter Obi be
Ayekooto- @thebardogbamola: Let us thank Rev. Fr. Mbaka for telling the world that @PeterObi will not waste our resources.
Osinbajo- @LeonardIBMarc1: All I know is 'Aso rock is NEVER a retirement home' has for Mbaka he shud know we no dey give shishi, the sins of Peter Obi is dat he didn't donate money to Mbaka publicly bt ask for a site to erect a structure for the church. 
We are 10 in our family we all voting for Peter Obi.
#PeterObi2023-@iamJimmyGentle: Mbaka said Chimaroke Nnamani would not win reelection in Enugu State, Chimaroke did his 8 years. Mbaka said soludo won't be governor, he is now. Mbaka said Buhari was the messiah, he became the devil. If you listen to Mbaka you're gullible. God is available to everybody.
Daniel Regha- @DanielRegha: Father Mbaka who said that "Buhari is God sent", is now trying so hard to de-market Peter Obi cos Obi didn't dance to his tune; It's not surprising though cos he has been using his status to manipulate people & pursue his own self-interest. Mbaka has n¤ credibility at this point.
Peter Obi's brain- @Oyoyo82: The sin of Peter Obi is that he didn't donate money to you publicly.
Mbaka stop challenging God
Everest- @novieverest: Mbaka is wrong. Peter Obi is a prudent man. Does not believe in wasting public funds. He is not a stingy man.
What we need now is a prudent individual. We have a terrible spending problem. Printing money like there's no tomorrow.
Inflation is now at 17.1%. Think am.



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