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We may treat officers fond of taking innocent Nigerians to ATMs as armed robbers - Police warns
By: Abara Blessing Oluchi
Fri, 3 Jun 2022   ||   Nigeria,

Nigeria Police Force may go against officers forcing Nigerians to ATMs to extort them.
The spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi made this known on his twitter handle. 
He said that the recalcitrant police officers who have formed the habit of forcing Nigerians to the ATM and banks to extort money from them, may soon be treated as armed robbers.
Adejobi on his Twitter handle wrote: 
 He wrote; ''Forceful Extortion by Armed Policemen is tantamount to Armed Robbery. We may treat some of our recalcitrant policemen who are fond of taking innocent Nigerians to ATM, Banks or hidden arenas to forcefully extort them, with arms, as armed robbers.
By simple definition and interpretation of law, anyone who possesses firearms or offensive weapons and takes ones property with element of force or violence is simply armed robbery, nothing more. We detest and condemn this development or action which is in total contravention of our rules and regulations and ethics as a responsible institution. We will not treat such cases with kid gloves anymore. We urge Nigerians to report any case of this nature to our stations for necessary action. Thanks.''


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