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Boris Johnson

COVID19: British Prime Minister faces parliament for breaking rules
From: CEOAFRICA NEWS: Reported by Timileyin Oni
Wed, 12 Jan 2022   ||   Nigeria,

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced a parliamentary reckoning Wednesday about another alleged breach of coronavirus rules that has prompted damning headlines and calls for him to quit.

According to reports, Johnson is under fierce pressure to say whether he attended a boozy gathering in the garden of his Downing Street residence in May 2020, in the midst of the country’s first strict lockdown.

It follows a flurry of accusations about Downing Street parties held during lockdowns in 2020, which have dogged Johnson since late last year, sparking widespread public anger, sinking poll ratings and predictions he may have to resign even from his own MPs.

According to Conservative lawmaker Nigel Mills, he stated that “If the prime minister knowingly attended a party I don’t see how he can survive, having accepted resignations for far less,”

Johnson, elected by a landslide in December 2019, will be quizzed for the first time on the latest claims by opposition Labour leader Keir Starmer and other MPs at weekly parliamentary questions from noon (1200 GMT).

The 57-year-old has stonewalled the issue since an email was leaked late Monday in which a senior official invited more than 100 colleagues to the event on May 20, 2020, encouraging them to “bring your own booze”.

Johnson and his wife Carrie attended the gathering, according to anonymous witnesses quoted in the media, intensifying public anger from a time when millions were obediently respecting the lockdown rules.


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