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Pharm. Adekola urges new PSN President to tackle tribalism
From: Kelvin Ugo Ubaka
Mon, 8 Nov 2021   ||   Nigeria, Nigeria

MONDAY- 8th November, 2021: The immediate past National Chairman of the Association of  Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN), Pharm. Dr. Samuel Adekola has advised the newly sworn in regime of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria PSN under the leadership of Pharm. Prof Cyril Usifoh to tackle seriously the monster of tribalism that maybe rearing its ugly head in the affairs of the society.
He gave the advise in an exclusive interview during the  recently held 94th National Conference in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Pharm. Adekola while congratulating the immediate past president  reiterated the fact that he had given the same advise years ago to the past regime  “ I have seen in my 9 years of active participation in the affairs of PSN That the monster of tribalism is beginning to  rear its ugly head amongst us, my advice to the new President is to kill that monster, Igbo people should see Yoruba and hausa people as colleagues. I suffered the same fate in the hands of people who tribalism to the extreme but it made stronger. The new President should see how he should bring all the groups in PSN together.Let us have one unified front and stop all forms of tribalism.
“He should recognise the fact that tribalism brings envy and leadership cannot work when it exist, no matter how brilliant you are, you cannot run the affairs of PSN alone because it is a big society.
“You need people who have been in the system to support you,so if you do not break the barrier of tribalism and bring the pharmacy family together. If you do not tackle tribalism, you will not have the best hands rallying around you, to support you and alot of human resources will be needed to run the affairs.”
He also thanked the Planning committee of the conference for a job well done saying that they put up a good show. 
“They have done a job bringing the Pharmaceutical industry together”   
Pharm.(Dr).Adekola MAW. DSA. Who was recently awarded as an Integrity Icon of Nigeria (IION), with issuance of ethical leadership/conduct compliance award certificate by the Board of Trustees and management of the Center for Ethics and Self-Value Orientation called on all and sundry in the society to rally round and support the new officials for the progress of the PSN.
Prof. Cyril Odianose Usifoh emerged as the new president of PSN after he defeated  three candidates in a keenly contested Presidential Elections, the Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, faculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin bagged almost half the total vote of the process.


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