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Alive to the World Workshop kicks off in Ibadan
Wed, 26 May 2021   ||   Nigeria,

Wednesday, 26 May, 2021: Africa Family Life Federation, (AFLF), on Tuesday commenced a six-day workshop with the theme: “Alive to the World”.

The workshop holding at the Carmelities Community in Ibadan is aimedat training the trainers in Nigeria by converting value into virtues.

The program is channelled towardsteaching, educating children on how to develop good character, converting value into virtues. The program is operating currently in six African countries including Nigeria.

It is also described as a new way in helping the children in developing positive character, attitude, brought to Africa for the first time to train the trainers who will in-turn train the selected teachers in different chosen schools.

Speaking with CEOAFRICA, the workshop coordinator, Rev. Sister Mari Kelechi Agoh, a religion sister of charity said, the program is restricted into selected six Africa countries as a result of the limited resources available.

She added that the selection was made by picking three countries from franco-phone, three from anglo-phone which Nigeria is among.

Sister Kelechiadded that the program will address the children between the ages 6 and 18, that is from Primary 1 to SS3.

CEOAFRICA gathered thatthe workshop is to teach on how to acquire positive character through history, and the virtue it can lead to as they grow into adulthood.

She outlined ways through which Nigeria can benefit from the ongoing workshop noting that in the long run, it would assist the country to tackle injustice,lack of peace,insincerity among leaders and insecurity bedeviling the nation.

She added that, “in fact every Nigeria child can benefit from it, but it requires resources, meant for training the teachers including enough resource materials for the teachers and the needed motivation”.

Similarly, the Assistant Coordinator of the program, Rev. Father Emmanuel Doki of Family and Human Life Unit said had it been that the program had come earlier, it may have assisted the country in tackling the local challenges battling her in relation to insecurity.

Father Emmanuel who observed that the morals of Nigerians have become very low, charges the church to draw the attention of Nigerian youth to the rebuildingof their character so as to improve the quality of their life.

Mr. Hyacinth Isaac, the Secretary of the Catholic Family and Human Life, who is also one of the trainers said the workshop actually come at the right time because the country is at its lowest ebb in terms of moral, which is as a result of the disconnection between the family and the society.

Mr. Isaac urged the church to energize, enforce, and re-orientate the masses so that collectively the desire goals of the nation can be achieved. 



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