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Thursday, 13th May, 2021
 Rwanda   ::   News
Rwanda: Newlyweds spend night in stadium for breaking Covid-19 rules
Apr 08, 2021
By: Abara Bleesing Oluchi

Rwanda- Thursday 8 April, 2021: A newly wedded couple was forced to spend their first night in the cold at an open stadium after breaking Covid-19 rules in Rwanda. The couple was arrested alongside their guests and taken to an empty stadium where they had to observe social distancing to avoid chances of spreading the virus.

They were part of 60 people who were arrested over the weekend at the Le Printemps Hotel in Gasabo District during a reception.

The Finance and Administration Manager at the Hotel Le Printemps, Harerimana Gasana Jean de Dieu said he was disappointed by his customers because they had said they had come for a regular meal and later saw it as a reception after the wedding.  Makungu Thierry, who was serving guests at the bar, apologized for violating protocols and urged locals to adhere to the set guidelines.

Kimironko Sector Executive Secretary, Umuhoza Rwabukumba warned traders and Rwandans, in general, to refrain from violating Covid-19 regulations, reminding them that the consequences will be more painful than complying with the regulations.

"We are always urging people to abide by the COVID-19 prevention guidelines…everyone knows the consequences. We have set up a community-based approach to fighting this epidemic, we have groups of people traveling to different parts of our Sector to ensure that the regulations are being followed well,” he was quoted by a local publication.

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