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Wednesday, 28th October, 2020
 Nigeria   ::   News
Coronavirus deaths soar to 904,364 worldwide
Sep 10, 2020
By: Abara Bleesing Oluchi

As at Thursday, 904,364 people worldwide have died from the deadly Coronavirus pandemic still sweeping across the globe unabated, with pains and anguish on families.

Figures from the John Hopkins University revealed that 904,364 people have died from the virus, while global infections have reached 27,897,904.

Of the global infections, the United States ramp up 6,363,437 infections and 190,885 deaths to make it the epicentre of the virus worldwide.

Brazil, with 4,197,889 million has recorded 128,539 deaths from the virus, making it the next to US in terms of fatality.

India has the second highest Coronavirus infections and third in fatality. It has posted 4,465,863 cases with 75,062 deaths.

Mexico has recorded 69,049 deaths, with 647,321 infections. It is the fourth leading country in fatality.

United Kingdom ranks fifth in Coronavirus deaths, posting 41,683 deaths from 357,613 infections while Italy with 35,577 deaths from 281,583 infections come next.

France is next to Italy with 30,805 deaths from 383,292 infections, followed by Peru, with 30,123 deaths from 696,190 infections.

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