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Tuesday, 23rd April, 2019
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10 Most Valuable Currencies in Africa in 2019
Feb 11, 2019
Source: Ayedero Victor

Have you ever wondered which African currency holds the most value, those particular currency notes that give greater purchasing power in other countries?

To establish which of the African currencies with greatest value, we would be comparing the currencies with the U.S dollar and the Nigerian Naira.

1.         Libyan dinar LYD

 1 USD To 1.36 LYD

 1 LYD To 264.70 NGN

This country is famous for its huge crude oil reserves. However, the most important thing that their money is the highest valued currency in Africa. Compared to Nigeria, the continent’s largest economy, One Libyan Dinar goes for about a staggering ₦264.70. While 1 USD is equivalent to 1.36 LYD.

2.         Tunisia Dinar TND

1 USD To 2.97 TND

1 TND To 122.91 NGN

Tunisia Dinar is the second strongest currency in Africa after Libyan Dinar. When compared to the Nigerian Naira, 1 TND goes for ₦122.91. And 1 US dollar equals 2.97 TND.

3.         Ghanaian Cedis GHS

1 USD To 4.83 GHS

1 GHS To 75.53 NGN

Ghana with a growing and well managed economy is a next door neighbor to Nigeria. The Ghanaian Cedis sits on the third spot of most valuable currencies in Africa. One Ghanaian Cedis equals ₦75.53 while approximately 4.83 GHS equals to 1 USD.

4.         Moroccan Dirham MAD

1 USD To 9.52 MAD

1 MAD To 38.28 NGN

Moroccan Dihram is one more strong currency in Africa. As you can see above 1 Moroccan Dirham amounts to N38.28. And one American dollar equals 9.52 MAD.

5.         Botswana Pula BWP

1 USD To 10.62 BWP

1 BWP To 34.33 NGN

The currency of Botswana, a landlocked state of Southern African continent is known as Pula. One Botswana Pula is equivalent to 34.33 Nigerian Naira. Consequently, 10.62 BWP corresponds to one United States dollar.

6.         Zambian Kwacha ZMW

1 USD To 11.81 ZMW

1 ZMW To 30.57 NGN

The Zambian Kwacha also features as one of the most valuable currencies in Africa. 1 ZMW is worth 30.57NGN while approximately 11.81 ZMW is equivalent to 1 USD. Zambia is a landlocked country famous for its wildlife and tourist attractions.

7.         South African Rand ZAR

1 USD To 13.63 ZAR

1 ZAR To 26.49 NGN

South Africa has the second largest economy in Africa and perhaps the South African Rand should appear higher up the list, but the Rand has gradually lost value over time. Nowadays, 1 South African Rand is worth N26.49. As for one United States dollar, it’s equivalent to 13.63 ZAR.

8.         Namibian Dollar

1 USD To 14.33 NAD

1 NAD To 25.44 NGN

9.         Eritrean Nakfa ERN

1 USD To 15.00 ERN

1 ERN To 22.90 NGN

The 9th most valuable currency in Africa is the Erithrean Nakfa.  Eritrea is an African island nation. One Eritrean Nakfa is equivalent to N22.90. And one United States dollar is worth 15.00 ERN.

10.       Egyptian Pounds EGP

1 USD To 17.91 EGP

1 EGP To 20.35 NGN

Egypt is one of the African nations with such rich history. It is located in the northern part of Africa with Cairo as its capital and its currency is the Egyptian Pounds. One Egyptian pound equals N20.35. Accordingly, if we compare one American dollar to the Egyptian Pound, it will be 17.91 EGP.

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