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Tuesday, 20th February, 2018
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CEOAfrica’s Personality of the Week: Aigbe Omoregie, Founder, Intercontinental Paints
Jun 14, 2017
By: Mistura Salaudeen
Aigbe Omoregie, Founder, Intercontinental Paints

Many a time, people believe that establishing a successful business requires a huge start-up capital – a notion that has discouraged many aspiring young entrepreneurs with great business ideas. While it is true that a handsome capital is required to start-up and build some businesses, it is however, not required for all businesses and definitely not a guarantee for a successful business.

There are, as a matter of fact, several world class business empires and successful conglomerates that began with very small start-up capitals and ironically, there are other failed businesses that were hugely funded. As proven by many billionaire business owners, the lack of cash can’t keep a good business idea from succeeding, only lack of determination can.

On CEOAfrica personality of the week, we present another young Nigerian entrepreneur who started small but is growing quite big. He is Aigbe Omoregie, the Founder of Intercontinental Paints.

About Aigbe Omoregie: Aigbe Omoregie is a 34-year old Entrepreneur, Visionary, Motivational, Inspirational Mentor and Teacher. He is the founder of Intercontinental Paints, a fast growing paint manufacturing company based in Lagos.

Early Life and Education: Omoregie had always had passion for business since he was young. From the age of 12, he began venturing into several businesses like; Poultry, Automobile and Information Technology. He studied at Auchi Polytechnic and earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Ibadan.

Career/Business: Omoregie founded his company, Intercontinental Paints in 2006 with a start-up capital of ₦18,000. As a man with keen eyes for business opportunities, Omoregie worked hard to build his company which has employed over 50 people since it was established. Intercontinental Paints has a wide client base which include; Gran Imperio Group, Legrand Engineering Services Limited, Dwellins Consult, Access Bank Plc, SolidAgo Investments Limited, EcoBank Plc. The company since inception has offered a wide range of creative paint products such as the Intercontinental Matt, Intercontinental Satin, Intercontinental Textured, Intercontinental Sealant and Intercontinental Screedite.

Other Business Involvements: As a result of his passion to train and mentor young people, Omoregie founded the Young CEO Initiative in 2012, an initiative designed to empower young business men and women on the skill sets needed to grow and sustain businesses in Nigeria. He is also the Managing Director of Dutch Construction Limited as well as tha publisher of the Young CEO magazine.

Recognition: Omoregie is listed by Forbes magazine among the 30 most promising young African entrepreneurs in 2017.

Aigbe Omoregie, just like many other successful entrepreneurs, has proven that something good can indeed sprout from a small source. You don’t have to discard your brilliant business idea because of low cash. You can very well start something with the little you’ve got. Just make sure you have a great execution plan and the right business attitude and in no time, you would be inspiring others.   

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