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Catholic Bishop of Oyo Diocese, His Lordship, Most Rev Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo

Good Friday: Emulate Christ to improve our society and institutions, Catholic Bishop of Oyo Diocese charges leaders
Fri, 29 Mar 2024   ||   Nigeria,

Catholic Bishop of Oyo Diocese, His Lordship, Most Rev Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo, has charged leaders in authority and every citizen of Nigeria to embrace the lessons of Good Friday which includes, sacrifice, love, and humility.

In a statement obtained by CEOAFRICA on Friday, in commemoration of Good Friday, the bishop also urged leaders in authority to emulate Christ Jesus in order to improve the society and institutions.

According to the bishop Badejo, “Good Friday is the day on which Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice, giving His life on the cross for the salvation of the world. That is exactly what is good about it even though his suffering and death are painful and unjust.”

Explaining the significance of the event of Good Friday, the cleric said that “By His death on Good Friday, Jesus taught us that there are benefits in making sacrifice for the good of others. Such suffering or sacrifice, like that which a mother makes for her children, or a friend for another, is pleasing to God.”

“Good Friday invites us to repent, abandon sin, do something for the good of others and thus enjoy God’s favour,” he said.

In his challenge to the government and those in leadership positions, Bishop Badejo pointed that the best qualities of leadership are service, humility and love, adding that “Good Friday re-presents all the challenges and problems that we meet in our life, at work, in our family and in our country.”

He therefore urged that, “those problems will be solved not just by praying but by serious, honest, and selfless effort by everyone to do good and oppose sin and evil.”


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