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Comrade Adebayo Aderogba.mni, Deputy National Treasurer of the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Senior Staff Association, FOBTOB.

Passion to serve humanity, transform FOBTOB are my driving forces to become National President – Comrade Aderogba
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Thu, 21 Mar 2024   ||   Nigeria,

Comrade Adebayo Aderogba.mni is a social critic, and State House of Assembly candidate in the 2019 election in Oyo state, also one time National Treasurer of the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Senior Staff Association, FOBTOB.

In this interview with CEOAFRICA, the current Deputy National President of FOBTOB speaks on his ambitions, plans and goals to transform the union, by running for the office of National President with a 7 point campaign agenda.

Comrade Adebayo Aderogba.mni chat on his decision to run for the Office of National President of Food Beverages and Tobacco Senior Staff Association

What inspired you to run for the office of national president of FOBTOB?

The fire within me, igniting my resolve to run for the esteemed position of National President of FOBTOB, is fueled by an unwavering passion to serve humanity. It pulses with the fervent desire to pave a new path, to breathe life into our workers in the Food, Beverages, and Tobacco sector in Nigeria. It’s not just about leading; it’s about igniting a flame of hope, about daring to dream of a future where every worker’s voice is heard, and every life is touched by the warmth of compassion and progress.

What do you believe sets you apart from the other candidates running for this position?

I stood at the precipice of destiny, ready to ascend to the exalted office of National President after six years of unwavering service as the National Treasurer, yielding impeccable results. However, fate had other plans, and love for our beloved association compelled me to relinquish my ambition for the current leadership in 2021. In the ebb and flow of Power, I discovered that its transient nature holds within it the divine purpose guiding our paths as human beings. Had I seized the reins of presidency then, I would have missed the transformative journey of attending the NIPSS Sec44, 2022 course at Kuru, Jos, a crucible of growth and enlightenment. This one-year intensive course has sculpted me into a leader more equipped to champion the fortunes of Fobtob and our cherished members. The profound experiences and invaluable connections forged at NIPSS now stand as pillars upon which I shall build a legacy of service and excellence, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all who call Fobtob home.

How do you plan to lead and represent the interests of FOBTOB members as national president?

I carry within me a 7-point campaign agenda, a beacon of hope that will be steadfastly upheld and honored. It’s not just a plan; it’s a sacred promise, a covenant with the hearts and souls of our members. With every fiber of my being, I believe that this agenda holds the power to transform lives and safeguard the interests of our beloved community. As we embark on this journey together, rest assured that every voice will be heard, every opinion cherished, for in unity lies our strength, and in inclusivity, our triumph. Together, let us forge an administration where the dreams of our members become the cornerstone of our collective destiny..

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing FOBTOB currently, and how do you plan to address them if elected?

The challenges we face are formidable, with financial scarcity, declining membership due to redundancy, abandonment of investment initiatives, and neglect of ex-NEC members casting shadows over our path.

If entrusted with the honor of leadership, we will prioritize prudent financial management, ensuring every penny is stretched to its fullest potential. Moreover, we will launch extensive membership recruitment efforts and implement sustainable projects that honor the legacy of our past leaders, support current NEC members, and uplift the entire workforce in our industry. Together, we will navigate these challenges and emerge stronger, united in our commitment to the betterment of our association

.How do you intend to work with other members of the FOBTOB leadership to promote the rights and welfare of the food, beverage, and tobacco senior staff?

We will foster an administration that embraces inclusivity, where every opinion, from every level of leadership, holds significance. Our commitment extends beyond words; we lead by example, embodying the values of transparency, accountability, and respect.

What specific goals do you hope to achieve during your tenure as national president?

Embedded within our 7-point agenda are the core pillars that guide our mission. Our foremost priorities include safeguarding the welfare of our members, defending workers’ rights, establishing a lasting legacy, and bolstering our ranks through vigorous membership campaigns. Additionally, we envision harnessing technology to facilitate seamless information dissemination, envisioning a future where every member can access vital updates with ease through a dedicated Fobtob mobile application. Furthermore, we are steadfast in our commitment to fostering an administration free from ethnic biases and religious prejudices, ensuring equality and fairness for all.

How do you plan to foster collaboration and communication among FOBTOB branches and members across the country?

By ensuring timely and accurate information sharing, fostering collaboration, and embracing inclusivity, we pave the way for a unified community where everyone feels valued and empowered. This collective engagement in decision-making not only enhances a sense of belonging but also promotes satisfaction, as each individual knows their voice matters in shaping the outcomes that impact their lives and well-being.

Can you share any previous experiences or achievements that demonstrate your ability to lead and serve the union and its members?

My ascent to the role of National Treasurer of Fobtob in 2015 was not a stroke of luck; it was a culmination of my relentless dedication and tangible contributions to our organization, both at the grassroots level and as a member of the NEC. Serving as the pioneer branch vice-chairman and chairman at Promasidor, we bravely spearheaded the union's establishment within the company, even at the risk of our own livelihoods.

Throughout my tenure as National Treasurer, I, alongside my esteemed colleagues in the CWC, undertook a series of transformative initiatives:

We waged a fierce battle to rescue Fobtob from the brink of financial ruin, combating the reckless practices of the pre-2015 leadership and the undue influence of the Executive Secretary.

In 2015, we conducted the delegate conference under trying circumstances, refusing to succumb to financial dependency on our employers, a testament to our commitment to financial autonomy.

Through diligent stewardship, we restored Fobtob to a state of fiscal stability, purging the organization of detrimental forces hindering our progress. Notably, the 2021 delegate conference was successfully executed without resorting to borrowing funds.

Under my vigilant watch, we meticulously reviewed and reduced the travel allowances of national officers, redirecting savings towards bolstering the financial health of our association.

Furthermore, we demonstrated our unwavering support for needy branches by consistently paying check-off dues in advance.

Over the span of six years, we oversaw a remarkable growth in Fobtob’s assets, amassing over 600 million Naira.

Additionally, we spearheaded the construction and commissioning of three hostel projects across different regions, all accomplished through prudent financial management without incurring debt from external sources.

These achievements stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to the well-being and prosperity of Fobtob and its members.

How do you plan to prioritize the needs and concerns of FOBTOB members, while also considering the challenges facing the food, beverage, and tobacco industry as a whole?

As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one.” Indeed, the hurdles before us in our industry loom large, but with resolute leadership, we shall overcome. Through robust collaboration with NUFBTE, our esteemed junior counterpart, and AFBTE, our employers’ union, we will forge a formidable alliance. Together, our voices will resonate louder, echoing the urgent call to action to the powers that be. Let us stand united, shoulder to shoulder, advocating for the survival and prosperity of our sector.


Lastly, what message would you like to convey to FOBTOB members as they consider their choice for the next national president?

In the face of oppression, silence is not a virtue but a surrender of our voices. Wole Soyinka’s words ring true: “The man dies in him who keeps silent in the face of tyranny.” History reveres those who dare to speak out, even when alone in the wilderness. Life’s essence lies not in its duration but in the depth of our impact, as evidenced by Methuselah’s longevity juxtaposed with Solomon’s enduring wisdom.

Let us cast off the shackles of incompetence, reject emotional manipulation, and stand firm against impunity. The stagnation of FOBTOB in the pre-2015 era must be left behind.

This is the year 2024—a time for a revolutionary shift in mindset. Let us embrace constitutional principles, youthful vigor, and unwavering accountability. Let us embody financial discipline and embrace pragmatic leadership, fueled by a fierce determination to achieve tangible results.

I, Comrade Aderogba, stand as a beacon of assurance—a guardian of your jobs and the custodian of a proud legacy. Together, let us conquer the challenges that lie ahead. Our destiny, as an association, rests squarely in our hands. It is a pivotal moment—a choice between regressing into the wilderness of the past or forging ahead, united in our pursuit of progress.

Fellow comrades, 2024 marks a watershed moment in the history of FOBTOB. The decision is ours to make—to embrace a forward-thinking, progressive future or to remain tethered to the outdated ways of the past. Together, let us seize this opportunity and chart a bold new course into a brighter tomorrow.



Solidarity Forever!!!




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