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St. Joseph Catholic Church's "Looking into Jesus" Crossover Program Ushers in New Year with Worship and Miracles
By: Cletus Sunday Ilobanafor
Thu, 4 Jan 2024   ||   Nigeria,

The St.Joseph Catholic Church Oke-Ado, Ibadan, was filled with worshippers on New Year's Eve as they gathered for the annual "Looking into Jesus" crossover program. The event, hosted by the parish Rev. Fr. Benedict Ugwoegbu, and presided over by Archbishop emeritus , Felix Alaba Adeosin Job, witnessed a special Mass celebration,worship, prayers, and miracles as worshippers embarked on their spiritual journey into the new year.
The church Catholic Church was brimming with excitement and anticipation as the church was full to the gallery upstairs. Numerous individuals were seen standing outside, unable to find seating due to the overwhelming attendance of worshippers.

Adoration filled the house as people uplifted their hearts in worship to God, expressing gratitude for seeing the end of the year 2023 through praise, prayers, Bible readings, Holy Mass, Rosary recitation, and Blessed Sacrament. The atmosphere reverberated with the echoes of the song of mercy, as worshippers cried out fervently for divine intervention.
In his charge to the worshippers, Archbishop Felix Alaba Adeosin Job emphasized the importance of leading a holy life in the new year. He encouraged everyone to put their trust in God, declaring that unwavering faith is the key to achieving success in the coming year.
Jubilation erupted at the stroke of midnight when the Archbishop Emeritus announced the arrival of the new year. All present fell to their knees as prayers of blessings were showered upon them. Special supplications were also made for the country and its leaders, invoking divine guidance and grace.
The, Rev. Fr. Benedict Ugwoegbu, led the congregation into a powerful deliverance and impartation session that witnessed a multitude of miracles. The worshippers were blessed with an unforgettable experience, as they witnessed the remarkable manifestation of God's power and love.
Various other spirit-lifting activities, including the offering of blessings, further enhanced the spiritual atmosphere throughout the night. These activities reminded the congregation of the essential role Jesus plays in their lives, urging them to maintain a devoted and prayerful relationship with Him amidst the growing prevalence of sin in the world.
Speaking with CEO Africa, Rev. Fr. Benedict expressed his joy and gratitude for the successful crossover program, encouraging all believers to keep their focus on Jesus as the world continues to drift towards sin. He emphasized that a relationship with Christ enriches daily life, and that abiding in Him ensures spiritual growth and divine guidance.
Mr. Paul Sunny, the parish liturgical committee chairman, also expressed his joy and gladness for the hosting of the crossover program for the first time in three years. He assured attendees that future programs would be even better, promising an elevated spiritual experience for the church community.
Sharing his experience, Mr. Michael Uzomma, a parishioner, expressed his overwhelming joy and the tangible presence of the Lord throughout the program. He testified to the powerful impact the night had on his faith and commitment to Jesus, vowing to continue seeking the Lord's presence in his daily life.
As the new year dawns, St. Joseph Catholic Church and its dedicated congregation stand poised to embrace the year ahead, fortified in their faith and committed to living holy lives, trusting and obeying Jesus in all things.


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