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By: News Editor
Mon, 25 Dec 2023   ||   Nigeria,

The Catholic Bishop of Oyo Diocese, His Lordship Most Rev, Emmanuel Adetoyese BADEJO has said there is “NO REAL CHRISTMAS WITH VIOLENCE AND EMPTY STOMACHS”.

Bishop Badejo made this statement in his Christmas message to Nigerians which was made available to CEOAFRICA.

The cleric highlighted the urgent need for Christ's presence in the lives of people worldwide who are currently suffering. His Lordship emphasized the importance of reaching out to those in need during this Christmas Season.

The Bishop of Oyo Diocese further stated that wishing a Merry Christmas to those who are hungry is meaningless and that true celebration requires personal efforts to help those who are suffering". The bishop urged each individual to extend their support and assistance, stressing that overcoming personal troubles can be achieved by helping others in their distress.

The joy and celebration of Christmas would ring hollow for individuals trapped in the ongoing conflicts and violence plaguing several regions worldwide. The bishop specifically mentioned areas such as Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Gaza, Sudan, Congo, Tudun Biri in Nigeria, and other strife-torn locales, where the suffering persists.

Badejo calls for an end to these violent conflicts and appealed for leaders who embody the virtues of selflessness and compassion, akin to the teachings of Christ.

"Both our world and our country yearn for selfless statesmen to replace selfish politicians, as God demonstrated his love by sending his only son, Jesus Christ, for the salvation of all who believe," Bishop Emmanuel Badejo stated.

Today communities around the world are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, Bishop Badejo's message reinforces the need for a genuine Christmas experience, where violence and hunger are eradicated, and people's hearts are filled with compassion, love, and generosity.


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