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By: Cletus Sunday Ilobanafor
Sat, 2 Dec 2023   ||   Nigeria,

The Association of Nigerian University Professional Administrators (ANUPA) held its 2023 Annual Conference/Annual General Meeting from 28th November – 2nd December, 2023 at the Idris Abdulkadir Auditorium, National Universities Commission, Abuja and came up with the following communique:


The theme of the Conference – Re-visioning, Retriggering, and Recommitting to University Administration in an Era of Uncertainty was well taught by the resource persons. In all, five papers were delivered by the astute administrators who made tremendous efforts in emphasizing the need for university administrators to face the reality of emerging trends of technological incursion into the management of universities all over the world. The resource persons emphasized that the global landscape is characterized by unprecedented challenges and uncertainties that significantly impact higher education institutions especially in Nigeria.

Universities play a pivotal role in shaping the future and must adapt to evolving circumstances to fulfill their missions effectively. The theme of re-visioning, retriggering, and recommitting is crucial for navigating the complexities of the current era and ensuring the resilience and relevance of university administration.

Therefore, the Conference resolved to commit to:

1. Re-visioning University Administrators:

a. Embrace a forward-thinking approach to envisioning the future of higher education.

b. Foster a culture of innovation and adaptability within university administration through capacity building especially in Information and Communication Technology, analytical and critical thinking skills.

c. Adopt visionary leadership by charting a pathway to address the multi – faceted challenges in the university through creativity, originality and initiative.


2. Retriggering Strategic Planning:

a. Initiate a comprehensive review of existing strategic plans in light of current global challenges.

b. Identify key areas of vulnerability and develop contingency plans to address potential disruptions.

c. Enhance collaboration between academic and administrative units to ensure a holistic and integrated strategic vision.


3. Recommitting to Inclusivity and Diversity:

a. Strengthen efforts to create an inclusive and diverse university community.

b. Develop policies and practices that address systemic inequities within the institution.

c. Implement training programs to promote cultural competency and awareness among university administrators.


4. Realigning Financial Sustainability:

a. Conduct a thorough financial assessment to identify areas for optimization and resource reallocation.

b. Explore alternative revenue streams and partnerships to enhance financial stability.

c. Prioritize investments that align with the institution's long-term goals and values.


5. Retaining Student-Centric Focus:

a. Prioritize student well-being and academic success in decision-making processes.

b. Enhance support services to address the unique challenges faced by students in the current era.

c. Foster open communication channels between administrators and students to ensure their voices are heard and valued.


6. Reinforcing Institutional Resilience:

a. Build partnerships with external organizations and government bodies to enhance resilience.

b. Establish a crisis response team and communication plan to efficiently manage unforeseen challenges.

The conference resolved to call on stakeholders, university administrators, academic staff, and students to actively participate in the implementation of these resolutions and collaborate in the ongoing re-visioning, retriggering, and recommitment to university administration in this era of uncertainty.


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