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NSCDC decries inadequate Technology to combat insecurity, oil theft
By: News Editor
Mon, 26 Sep 2022   ||   Nigeria, Abuja

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSC­DC) has urged the Federal Government to deploy more technology to combat insecurity and oil theft.
The Commander General Ahmed Audi, disclosed this at a Media forum in Abuja.
Audi explained that the available technology is not enough to combat the threat.
The Commander General also noted that the Corp has arrested and prosecuted many pipeline vandals
He said; “I did a tour last month of pipeline locations, especially in the Niger Delta, it’s very sad, very, very sad and very devastating,”
“If you see the amount of vandalism where you will see people going into the river, the sea and breaking into pipes.’’
“I don’t know how they do it, I don’t know if they have divers who go inside, puncture a pipe, use a valve, dig a hole and then they’ll connect the pipe to a house that’s nearby from the river and start taking fuel.”
“We have arrested over 400 suspects who were found vandalising our pipelines, and some were found trans­porting vandalised crude oil. We have closed and torched more than 50 illegal refiner­ies.’’
Audi said the corp is working hard to fish out the bad eggs in the corp and punish them.
“Anyone, regardless of rank, level or rank, who is involved in collusion or connivance or any form of compromise with oil thieves would be severely punished.’’
The commander General further noted that the corp needs new technology to combat the level of pipeline vandalism and other criminal activities.
“We have realised Glob­ally now that what is used to fight insecurity is tech­nology. It’s easier when you have the technology.’’
“So it’s a challenge now in the body that we don’t have enough, of course you can never get enough, so we want to implore the govern­ment, just like Oliver Twist, for more.”
Audi said the recent provision of gunboats will make the tracking and arrest of oil thieves possible.
“We have recently or­dered a number of gunboats, and the gunboats contain very high calibre security gadgets to be used to moni­tor and apprehend these oil thieves.’’
“We have also recently commissioned a number of operational vehicles and fit­ted them with very sensitive security gadgets that will give us information.’’
“This will give us infor­mation on how our staff will monitor the pipelines to stop and prosecute.”


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