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‘Farmers are still holding to the old style due to dearth of Extensions’ – Executive Director of CRIN
By: Abara Blessing Oluchi
Mon, 20 Jun 2022   ||   Nigeria,

The Chief Executive Officer / ED of Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN) Dr. Adebola Patrick has said on Thursday 16th of June, 2022 that farmers in Nigeria still hold on to the old style of farming because of lack and inadequate provision of extension services to farmers. Adebola said this at the just concluded in-house research review conference held by Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria.

Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria held an in-house research review for the period of three days from 14th to 16th June, 2022. The in-house research review conference started on Tuesday 14th June, 2022 being the first day of the meeting and ended on Thursday, 16th June, 2022. The title for this year In-House Research Review is National Economic Empowerment Through Sustainable Research and Development of Cocoa, Cashew, Coffee, Kola and Tea.

During his opening remarks, the Executive Director welcomed all the people at the conference to CRIN 2022 in-House Research Review and called for collaboration and synergy to produce quality result. “When we dialogue, when we have robust discussions, I think it makes us to become stronger,” he said. He further added that the conference was to give the scientists and farmers the platform to perform and give to the society the results of their trainings and potentials which will add values to research.

“What we are doing here is an opportunity for us to showcase what we are capable of doing; we are scientists, we want to show the world what we are capable of doing in solving the problems of farmers”, Adebola stated .

The CRIN boss further emphasised on the importance of interaction between the scientists and farmers which is paramount towards quality understanding of the existing problems and to improve on research because quality research entails every necessity for in-house review.

Dr Adebola remarked, “for example if you are doing research on cashew and you don’t even have interaction with the farmers, how do you know their problems?”

In all the reports presented, was an overview of research proposal summaries on cocoa, cashew, coffee, kola, tea, economics  and extension and end-use. The programme leader of cocoa presented five sectors of research setups including organic cocoa, climate max cocoa production to meet with the changing climate, drought resistant varieties of cocoa, extension of technology to farmers etc.

Thursday 16th June, 2022 was the third and final day of cocoa in-house research review conference. At the morning session, the kola research reports and proposals were presented by Dr. Paul Aikpokpodion. Tea reports and proposals were presented by Dr. L.E. Yahaya with questions and comments at intervals. At the syndicate session in the evening chaired by Prof. Adeogun S.O, the Syndicate report was presented by Prof. S.O. Adeogun and the vote of thanks was given by Dr. R.R. Ipinmoroti overall chairman of the 2022 in-house research review committee.

Speaking to the CEOAFRICA, the Executive Director, Dr. Patrick Adebola explained that a lot of technologies have been developed and there are agents that extend the technologies to farmers, but the desired extension has not been met. ‘The farmers are still doing it the old ways because the extension services are not reaching them due to the fact that the number of the extensionists is not enough to reach the farmers. “We do organise a lot of training programmes, we do organise a lot of workshops to reach the farmers. But I will enjoin the government to still support us so that we have more extensionists to take the programmes to the farmers”, the Executive Director noted.

The Executive Director also explained the need for food security amidst other existential challenges that have compelled them to rise to the occasion to seek and to provide solutions through research review and quality research. He said that the research institute is driven by the need to address food security issues and crop yields.

Dr Rashid Adedeji the Director and Programme leader in charge of Cocoa Research Programme of CRIN told CEOAFRICA that the problem of Agriculture and Cocoa in particular started from the beginning of oil economy in Nigeria which neglected other serious sectors like cocoa production which the country used to be the second largest producer in the world. He shared optimism with the later realization of the government to re-embrace agriculture, and also the remarkable progress in combating and mitigating the long years Cocoa took to grow with the modern technology to make it now possible to grow cocoa in 24 months. There is hope for Nigeria in the regards.

Dr Rashid Adedeji the Director and Programme leader in charge of Cocoa Research Programme of CRIN

The Secretary of Cocoa Farmers Association of Nigeria, Oyo state chapter, Akindele Omoniyi also told the Press that with the new president of the research institute, there is hope for better achievements and revealed that the institute is now gaining her worth internationally. He, however, explained the challenge from climate change which lies more in rain constraints.

 The Head of Economics and Extension of CRIN, Dr (Mrs) J.O Lawal who was in charge of Publicity/ Media for the 2022 in-house review meeting commended the Management Team lead by Dr Patrick Adebola and the Planning Committee for a successful 2022 In- House Research Review .She urged all stakeholders to build on the outcome.

Dignitaries at the event including Prof. Iremiren, Prof. Aliu O.M, Adeogun Stephen, Prof Joseph Anikwe. The Director General of Forestry Research Institute in Nigeria was ably represented by  Dr Adejare Adesope , Nigeria Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT); National Coffee and Tea Association (NACOTA); Kolanut Association; a representative of programme manager of Cross River research chapter;  a representative from Ochaja substation, Dr. Adeniyi,  Dr. Famuyiwa  from substation in Edo State; Dr. Akanbi, the Head of Service Akure substation; the Secretary of Cocoa Farmers Assosciation of Nigeria, Oyo State chapter, Akindele Omoniyi and all the management staff, directors and scientists of CRIN were duly recognized.

With this year 2022 In-House Research Review with the theme: National Economic Empowerment Through Sustainable Research and Development of Cocoa, Cashew, Coffee, Kola and Tea.” It is evident that the leadership of Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, led by Dr Patrick Adebola is leaving no stone unturned towards restoring Nigeria lost glory of becoming the leading Cocoa producing Nation in the world.



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