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Violence erupts at Pan-African Parliament in South Africa
Mon, 31 May 2021   ||   South Africa,

Monday 31 May 2021: -Pandemonium has broken out at the Pan-African Parliament in Midrand on Monday.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema was seen leaving the venue after what appeared to have been an altercation with other members of Parliament.

The violence broke out during leadership elections with a number of members becoming involved in heated altercations.

One person called for help after the members clashed, with some throwing punches: “Please call the police, it is urgent. You should call the police.”

With the situation still tense in the House, officials are trying to restore calm.

Earlier, one member kicked the ANC';s Pemmy Majodina.

Some members managed to intervene, with many then shouting out: “You can';t hit a woman.”

But there were cries for help when fists started to fly.

The rotation of leaders seems to be the main issue under dispute, with Malema also among the members arguing.

Some members are against such a system, with many shouting: “No rotation, no election.”

Leader of the South African delegation Amos Masondo has called for calm.

“It’s disappointing that at this critical point in time, there are these differences and the temperatures have gone a bit high.”


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