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Children, grandchildren reflect on good deeds of Late Madam Comfort as Prof Albert buries Mother
Tue, 25 May 2021   ||   Nigeria,

Tuesday, 25 May 2021: The Holy Bible in Ecclesiastes says “to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die.” It was a time to die and be given a befitting burial by children, grandchildren and great grandchildren for late Madam Comfort Olayemi Albert-Ogunkeye, having toiled in this sinful world for 91 years.

And the popular saying that the dead may be gone from our sight, but their good deeds are not gone from our minds came to limelight as families, friends, church members, and neigbhours of Madam Ogunkeye poured encomium on her as she was committed to mother earth  for a life well spent.

Methodist Cathedral, Otapate, Ilesa, Osun State was the venue for the burial and outing service of Madam Comfort Ogunkeye who joined the church triumphant at a ripe age of 91. The event was held on 22nd May 2021.

Really, it was a reflection on a life well spent when the children and grandchildren of late Madam Comfort Olayemi Albert-Ogunkeye began to applaud the good deeds of their late mother and grandmother who passed on to glory on March 23rd.

According to the children and grandchildren, Madam Comfort lived her life building a peaceful environment for every member of the family and her death has created a gap that cannot be filled by anyone.

His Grace, The Most Reverend Amos A. Akindeko, the Archbishop of Ilesa Diocese during his sermon emphasized the need for humans to fear God in all their doings because God will bring every work into judgment and every hidden thing whether good or bad.

The remains of Mama Comfort Ogunkeye in the casket for farewell journey as caotured by CEOAFRICA

He emphasized the need for humans to fear God in all their doings because God will bring every work into judgment and every hidden thing whether good or bad.

He prayed for the safety of the children and guests at the burial as they return to their various destinations.

Professor Isaac Olawale Albert, the Dean of the Multidisciplinary Studies, University of Ibadan, who is the first son of the deceased in an exclusive interview with CEOAFRICA described his mother as a woman, who spent the best of her resources on the education of her children.

“I lost my senior sister many years ago, so as of today, I am the eldest of her children and my sister that died gave birth to a number of children that are also represented here today.

“Let me start by saying that my mother made me. I am a professor because the woman was absolutely committed to the education of her children; she spent the best of her resources training me at primary, secondary and University. She invested heavily on our education.

Professor Isaac Olawale Albert in an exclusive interview with CEOAFRICA relishing life and times of his mother

“You will notice here that most of our guests came from different Universities in the country. So, I think it is one of the things we are celebrating today. She made a heavy investment in my education, now different educational institutions are celebrating her.

“I was in Abuja when her death was announced to me, I knew that she died a ripe age of 91, living up to 91 in Nigeria is not a joke, and it was not surprising to me. When I was told of her death, I was a little bit scared of how to fill her gap in the family because my children have gotten used to her, all of us have gotten used to her.

“The kind of life, we live in the family is such that it will be felt greatly if we lose anybody. We are really worried that she left at the time she did, but there is nothing we can do than to thank God for the excellent life she lived.”

The second son of Madam Comfort, David Olatunji Albert described his mother as a faithful Christian and wonderful mother, who has the fear of God and hates violence.

“Presently I am the second born and I will describe my mother as a wonderful mother, a mother that has the fear of God. She was a quiet woman, who loves children and her fellow human being, no matter the tribe or religion.

“When I heard about her death, at first I was shocked but I had to put on courage because I believe that no matter how old you are, you will surely die one day.

“The Bible says there is time for everything on earth, there is time to be born and there is time to leave this earth, this is certain for every human being and I am happy she died at a very ripe age of 91.”

He added that what he miss about his mother is her prayers because she is always praying for her children.

Lady Evangelist Cecilia Oluwaseun Afolabi one of the grandchildren of the deceased, who was interviewed by CEOAFRICA expressed that Madam Comfort Ogunkeye was a woman who is worth boasting about, adding that she was a woman who loves education.

“I am one of the grandchildren of the deceased. My grandmother is a woman worth boasting about. She was a woman who embraced her children and grandchildren and we are always happy to see her.

“I was not happy when I heard about her death, she was the only mother I have on earth because her first daughter who was my mother died some years back. One thing I love about her is her love for education.”

Lady Evangelist Cecilia Oluwaseun Afolabi speaking with CEOAFRICA on the life and times of  her grand mother

According to Opebiyi Olubanjo, another grandchild, Madam Comfort was a very caring and remarkable woman during her life time.

“My first sight of Mama was in 1986 when my mother brought me all the way from Port Harcourt to Makurdi where Mama lives. That was the very year I began my Primary school education.

“Mama was the one caring for us until my mother got a place for us to stay when she got a work at Makurdi.”

Opebiyi Olubanjo, another grandchild of Mama Ogunkeye speaking to CEOAFRICA

He stated that Mama does not want any kind of conflict between any of her children, adding that she is always making sure that the family is at peace, expressing that her death brought back old memories of when they were with her at a very young age.

“What I will miss about her is how she resolves conflict in the family.” He said.

Dr. Modupe Albert a daughter-in-law to Mama stated that Mama was a very peaceful woman, who loved peace, lived in peace, and she exhume peace throughout her life time.

“She stayed with me for fifteen years; we never have the course to exchange words. She was like a mother to me and I am really going to miss her, because she was my gist partner.

“She died in my arms; I was with her till her last breath. It was a shock to me because this minute, you have somebody around you and the next minute that person is gone, it really showed me another side of God’s power.

Dr. Modupe Albert, a daughter-in-law to Mama Ogunkeye extolled the virtues of the deceased in an interview with CEOAFRICA

“One thing I learnt from her was that she was a very good listener, she will listen to everybody’s problem and look for ways to solve the problems even if it is going to cost her own money or some of her items. She was ready to part with anything just to bring about peace all around her.

“I see Mama as an achiever, once you tell her your dream or what you want to do, she will support you. She supported every of her children to achieve their dreams. I saw her as a goal getter.

“I will advise the children to emulate the path of their mother, because she is worthy of emulation.” She stated.

Present at the event were Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Madam Comfort Olayemi Albert-Ogunleye, family members, friends, and personalities from all walks of life.




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