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Wed, 10 Jul 2013   ||   Angola,

The oil ministers of Angola and Algeria has created in Luanda, a working group to draw up a roadmap that will identify future areas of cooperation between them.


The Angolan Oil minister, Jose Botelho de Vasconcelos said to the press after a meeting of Angolan and Algeria delegations, headed by the minister of oil and gas, that the country plans to boost and deepen relations with Algeria in the field of industry, taking into account that this country is well developed in this branch.

Botelho de Vasconcelos reveals that after the independence of Angola, Algeria formed several high and senior Angolans in the oil sector.

The Angolan official further asserted that it is necessary to enjoy the experience of that country, and exemplified that most cadres working in the field are Algerians.


He also said that there is already a protocol of cooperation between training institutes in the area of oil from both countries, focused mainly on the definition of various curricula courses.


The government official purported that, in other to train engineers, develop and capitalise on the cooperation and the potential that each party has for the future, an institution that will now be implemented in the future to train engineers has been provided.


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