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CEOAFRICA Volunteers are group of people who have resolved to voluntarily become resource persons for this social media network. These people are therefore divided into Three (3) major parts as detailed below;


The main task of a volunteer working with CEOAFRICA as a contributor is the constant and prompt supply of content-materials on various interfaces of the social media network. These content-materials, upon submission, would serve as things to be uploaded electronically and in print inside the CEOAFRICA News, for the benefits of the followers of our site and the readers of the Bi-monthly publication of the media network. A contributor must be someone who has passion for writing educative articles, with the aim of reaching to the whole world with constructive prowess through readable materials.

Furthermore, if any of our contributors is a professional, then the person is advised to focus on the interface that relates with his/her profession. For instance, a Medical practitioner’s contribution would be more essential in the “Health and You” interface than any other area.

A contributor is therefore expected to be supplying CEOAFRICA with at least, one article per week. This would make us to keep the platform fresh with new content-materials being updated on a regular basis.


A volunteer on this category functions as the earpiece of the social media network. Their main function is to constantly furnish the site with current and correct news about happenings across the whole continent of Africa. A stringer on CEOAFRICA should be able to quickly get across to the site with documentation of incidents as they unfolds, and should be ready to make follow-up on continuous events, if necessary.

Part of what the volunteer working with CEOAFRICA as a stringer is expected to be supplying the site are pictures of events that are unfolding, live coverage of events, audio recording of the events etc.

Also, a stringer on CEOAFRICA is saddled with the responsibility of representing the media outfit at interviews which would be relevant to any of our interface. For instance, such an individual can conduct interview for an upcoming farmer about a particular crop or plant etc. If this should happen, the stringer should send the details of the interview, possibly the video content to CEOAFRICA for uploading.


A partner’s driver is someone solely responsible for helping CEOAFRICA to get individuals, groups, companies, industries, who will become partners in the area of adverts. It is the duty of a partner’s driver to project the image of the social media network to the prospective partner, thereby serving as the image-maker of CEOAFRICA in various places across the continent.

It is also the responsibility of this person to bring CEOAFRICA into the consciousness of the people, thus winning many followerships for the Social media network. If there is any message to be sent across to a prospective partner in the country of any of our volunteer, such would be done by the partner’s driver volunteer within that jurisdiction.

However, a partner’s driver volunteer is not allowed to carry out business transaction on behalf of CEOAFRICA social media network. He/she should help in getting prospective partners data, which would be worked upon by the CEOAFRICA crew in charge of adverts.    


A volunteer on CEOAFRICA social media network must meet the following criteria:

  • He/she must be 18 years or above.
  • He/she could be an undergraduate, a graduate or a certified professional in a particular field of work.
  • He/she must be someone devoid of questionable character, not possessing any crime record, or violate the criminal laws relevant in country of residence. In short, the person must be a good ambassador of his/her country.
  • A volunteer must have at least, a functional telephone line. This is to guarantee his/her availability should there be any need of contacting such a person.
  • A volunteer must note that CEOAFRICA can carry out investigation about his/her profile without giving any prior notification to that effect.
  • A volunteer would be required to fill an online membership form on our website. This form would serve as the database of the prospective volunteer, as we advise that only genuine information should be supplied when filling the form. At the completion of necessary procedures, the status of membership would be confirmed. Upon the confirmation of membership, a volunteer would be provided with identity materials for easy identification while on duty on behalf of CEOAFRICA.

All correspondence, information, content-material and profile upload can be forwarded to CEOAFRICA via info@ceoafrica.com.

In conclusion, volunteers on CEOAFRICA are expected to always project the positive image of the social media network through their write ups. These content-materials would be edited by our league of editors, before being uploaded online for the public to view, read and digest. Any article which could trigger violence, revolution, upheavals, chaos and anarchy shall be completely discarded by our editors, and will not be uploaded at all on our social media network.

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