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You Must believe in your country before you can succeed
Jul 16, 2013

Nigeria: -

I believe Nigeria is the place God has ordained as my home. I didn’t choose it. It was a part of me, may be even before I was born. I recall as a child telling my mum that when I grow up I will be living in Africa. At that time, I never even knew there was such a place called Nigeria. All we were exposed to was Africa as a continent, so I assumed that countries like Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania were all part of one place. But the first time I came here I fell in love with the country. I guess it is the people; I am touched by their resilience, drive and faith. There’s so much potential here and I believe if we key into the development of our small and medium enterprises, so much could be accomplished. There’s vast potential within hospitality and tourism sectors if properly harnessed and packaged. Sports too hold huge potential as Nigerians are naturally endowed as sportsmen and women. I believe Nigeria will regain our crown and glory with the proper support. It may take time, but it will surely come.



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