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Jun 27, 2013

Nigeria: -

The shift from general education to specifically entrepreneurship education becomes necessary in the present realities of the need to develop and empower particularly the youths in the society. There is seeming consensus on the importance of entrepreneurship in amelioration some socio-economic problems especially poverty, unemployment, and all sort of social vices in the society (Abubakar, 2010). This clearly indicates sheer need for re-orientation towards inculcating values that allows acquisition of necessary competencies to sense of self reliance, independence, youth empowerment and of course poverty reduction (Akpomi, 2009). Since Technical Education is an education geared towards skill acquisition for self reliance and economic growth, it should be a breeding ground for the acquisition of various skills from where the graduates from such training will now establish their own businesses. It is pertinent to note that the learners be grouped according to their areas of interest so as to attain the level of professionalism required rather than exposing them to many skills without mastering any.

    UNESCO (1988) noted that technical education and training is the major ingredient of activities which contribute to successful economic performance under changing global and domestic circumstances and tend to be a connecting link between the formal and non-formal educational system and the world of works. Truly every man is desirous of earning a good living and achieving high economic status. The way out for the youths in our contemporary society is by becoming entrepreneurs strongly empowered through technical education. Each technical college or training centre and train the world to be entrepreneurs in such needed skills. Entrepreneurship education as a strategy should be used to divert the focus of Nigerian students/youth on paid employment to self employment. Many economic and strategic theories have been used to provide a framework in which education can be seen as very important as very important determinant or selection of entrepreneurship or venture formation for individuals in the course of their studies (Dickson et al, 2008). Schools especially technical schools should not be seen as only centres for human empowerment and development through entrepreneurial skill acquisition and training which will lead to self employment. Similarly, the students are trainees should be able to explain why they want to become entrepreneurs. Is it a matter or opportunity or necessary? Koster and Rai (2009) state that opportunity entrepreneurship came into being as a result of the other hand, necessity comes as a response to employment crisis, this necessitates second option of being self employed.


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