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Terms and Conditions for Research Institutions using the Innovation & Research Display Interface


“Innovation and Display” is an interface on CEOAFRICA Social Media Network aimed at promoting research and inventions from African Research Institutions.  Many inventions have been successfully accomplished at various institutions of higher learning spread across the Continent of Africa, while many more are about to be completed. But, most of these inventions are not attracting the attention of the right set of people, particularly industries that are ready to invest into these laudable initiatives from our research institutes, simply because they lack the right exposures.

 Furthermore, African investors often spend billions of dollars on equipments produced from outside the shores of Africa, whereas, majority of these machines and other equipments are been produced locally, with durability assurance and at cheaper amount of money, by researchers from African institutions.

CEOAFRICA social media network helps to give the deserved world-wide exposure to the inventions of African Research institutions by giving them the opportunity to display their inventions on “Innovation and Display” interface, which would attract the interests of investors from any part of the world, who are ready to patronize them on regular bases.

Below are Terms and conditions for research institutions that would be displaying their works on the “Innovation and Display” interface. Please read carefully these Terms and Conditions for better understanding.


By visiting this site, or by making use of this interface as an institution to display (an) invention(s), or as an individual, who wish to know much about the inventions being displayed, you have agreed to abide by the Terms and Conditions of “Innovation and Display” interface on CEOAFRICA Social Media Network.


On this interface, there are linked sites, particularly that which belong to Research Institutions that are displaying their inventions. However, CEOAFRICA will not be held liable for the functionality and efficiency, or otherwise, of these linked sites. We shall not be responsible for any outcome of your affairs with the owners of these linked sites.


The “Innovation and Display” interface is opened for the use of every Government Approved Research and Higher institution of learning across Africa. But, every invention would be subject to thorough scrutiny by our panel, which would determine the authenticity of such invention and conclude arrangements on the appropriate period when it would be placed online.



CEOAFRICA is the owner of “Innovation and Display” interface, while inventories displayed are on behalf of Research Institutions after they have been duly certified by our panel. Under no condition should anybody upload malicious, dangerous, unlawful and unacceptable data that could damage, or destroy uploaded data, or disturb the free flow of this site without our permission.


These terms and conditions, due to the fact that they solely belong to CEOAFRICA Social Media Network, are liable to be updated, removed, refrained and reconstructed at any time with, or without prior notification given to that effect.


CEOAFRICA does not guarantee an absolutely error-free, constant and perfect site on “Innovation and Display” interface. It is however noteworthy that we shall not be accountable for any interruption or damages to any uploaded data(s) on our platform. But, with the aid of our technocrats, we shall try to rectify any form of faults as soon as possible.


CEOAFRICA’s “Innovation and Display” interface is one out of many ways aimed at developing African economy through display of inventories by African research institutions. However, there will not be any form of interference from CEOAFRICA to any proposed business relationship that may arise between a research institution on our platform, and any individual who develops interest in the inventions displayed on our interface. Whatever agreement, transaction, interaction, dialogue and conclusion that may occur between a research institution on our platform and any individual who wish to transact business with them is strictly exclusive to both parties.


As CEOAFRICA is working round the clock to better the lives of Africans by opening “Innovation and Display” interface on our social media network, it becomes our duty to carry out thorough investigation regarding inventions by Research institutes. However, our league of programmers, after a careful, purely objective investigation, would determine the appropriate time for each invention to be uploaded online. No Research institution is permitted to make any legal charge against CEOAFRICA incase their invention(s) is/ are delayed, or not displayed at all on our interface.


To display works from Research institutes on “Innovation and Display”, this is how it goes. As a Research institution with any invention to be displayed, you are to send the details of your research regarding that particular invention to CEOAFRICA via innovationdisplay@ceoafrica.com . This could be in any form like pictographic display, video recording, headline format, e.t.c., after which our panel would make necessary investigation to verify the authenticity of such invention, followed by the displaying of that invention on our interface. We advice that research institutions should only send works which the originality and authenticity to the research institute is unquestionable, as CEOAFRICA will not encourage fake or dubbed inventions, as such could warrant being charged with plagiarism.


All designs, contents and logos used on the “Innovation and Display” interface belongs solely to CEOAFRICA social media network. No individual, group, industries or conglomerate is permitted to copy any of our contents without a duly written permission from us to that effect.


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