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Terms and Conditions for Hotels in Africa Interface


“Hotels in Africa” is an interface on CEOAFRICA Social Media Network, aimed at promoting hospitality as one of the major panacea to the economic stability of African Continent. As a social media network concerned with the development of economy in Africa, CEOAFRICA is doing everything within its reach to achieve this aim, hence the creation of different interfaces. Each of the interface focus on different areas of development and they include; Operation Feed Africa, Securing Africa, Innovation and Display, Meet your CEO, just to mention but few.

There are various Hotels in Africa, with different facilities and modes of operation. But, most of these hotels are not well known especially to Africans, while the kind of services they offer, their charges, facilities, functionalities and locations are not well detailed. “Hotels in Africa” interface on CEOAFRICA Social Media Network helps in giving the ideal exposure needed for the growth of the hospitality business in Africa and also, it would allow Tourists and Travelers to have access to the needed information about Hotels where they can lodge to enjoy World-class facilities that will make them feel at home.

Furthermore, as a continent endowed with various kinds of cultural heritage, Africa is gradually becoming the centre of attraction for Tourists from every part of the World. Most Hotels in Africa are well equipped with various kinds of cultural artifacts that explained the real source of African cultures and traditions, thus making Hotels in Africa not only a place of enjoyment and relaxation, but also an educative environment for the young and old, irrespective of your tribe, culture and background. “Hotels in Africa” interface thus helps to explore, through African Hotels, various cultural heritage of this great Continent.

Similarly, this interface would help to project to the World, the goodness embedded in the rich African cultures and traditions, while correcting bad notions about the culture of Africa. With this kind of exposure to the whole world, African culture would be well projected and various negative conception be completely erased from the consciousness of those who have conceived Africans as Barbaric, uncivilized, primitive and down-to-earth set of people.

 Below are Terms and Conditions for Hotels on the interface “Hotels in Africa”. Kindly read and have a deep understanding since they are factors guiding the way this interface functions.


By visiting this site, or by partnering with CEOAFRICA as an Hotel in making use of this interface, you have agreed that your conducts will be guided by these Terms and Conditions.


For efficiency and effectiveness, CEOAFRICA allows linkage to other sites from our interface. But, we shall not be liable for the smoothness of those linked sites and, should there be any form of damage, difficulty, or inconveniency, which any of our clients could experience while accessing those linked sites from our interface, CEOAFRICA shall not be held responsible since we have no control over their functionalities and operation.


CEOAFRICA Social Media Network is the sole-owner of contents, designs, sequential arrangements and programming of “Hotels in Africa” interface. Under no condition should any individual or group use these vital contents without taken a written permission from us.


Although, “Hotels in Africa” interface is aimed at showcasing various hotels in Africa, it is noteworthy to explain that only Hotels, who can fulfill the following criteria detailed below, shall be allowed to come on board;

  1. The Hotel must be a 2,3,4, 5 star or a 7 star.
  2. The Hotel must be ready to enter into a synergy with CEOAFRICA. This simply means that there must be a kind of symbiotic relationship whereby CEOAFRICA would constantly showcase detailed information about that particular Hotel for a minimal fee, while the Hotel would be assisting CEOAFRICA in the areas of highly subsidized fee on accommodation and other facilities for our personnel. Also, the easy accessibility to the CEO, the MD, and other important people that runs the affairs of such Hotel would be required as our crew shall request for interview with them at a stipulated time which shall be communicated to them. CEOAFRICA would also make provision for write-ups about facts and necessary information of the Hotel. These shall be constantly updated on hotels@ceoafrica.com.
  3. The Hotel must be ready to upload their data and other necessary information on our interface by paying a fee. This would enable people to have direct access to the sites of the Hotel and explore the contents to their satisfaction through our interface.
  4. It must be duly registered by the corporate body in charge of businesses, firms, Industries and hotels registration in the country of existence.
  5. A Hotel on 3, 5 and 7 star shall be displayed on “Hotels in Africa” interface within the period of three (3) days. This means that general information which we have initially received shall be rolled on the interface for a period of 72 hours, after which another set of hotels shall be displayed. Please note that this display of hotels shall strictly be determined by the order of first- come, first -serve basis. But, the logos of every hotel partnering with us shall always be displayed at the left side of our interface, while people can click on those logos in knowing more about the hotels.



CEOAFRICA Social Media Network does not guarantee uninterrupted and error-free services on “Hotels in Africa” interface.  However, we shall try our best possible to improve the quality of our services and to always rectify whatever technical difficulty that may arise during the course of operation on the interface.



In as much as CEOAFRICA is trying to project the good fortune embedded in hospitality industry through “Hotels in Africa” interface, we want to assure you of our sincerity and objectivity regarding the selection of Hotels that would be showcased on our interface within a certain period of time. Every hotel that has satisfied our criteria shall be given equal consideration in determining the one that will be displayed online. There shall be no favoritism, sectionalism and nepotism in the selection processes by our panel.


CEOAFRICA has absolute right to change, add, remove and/or re-modify this Terms and Conditions with/without prior notification given to those making use of our “Hotels in Africa” interface.


As CEOAFRICA strives towards excellence, development and greatness, we are bonded by these terms and conditions to serve you better. As a matter of importance, we shall keep to our own part of the stipulated Terms and Conditions, as we also expect that Hotels on this interface are bounded by them. However, no Hotel should raise any form of litigation against CEOAFRICA for using any of the contents sent to us to be displayed on “Hotels in Africa” interface. Should such situation arise, CEOAFRICA would have no option than to end every agreement initially made with such Hotel.

But, should there be any means by which you think we can improve our service deliveries, or you have constructive complaints to lodge, or suggestions that would aid our idea about some mistakes made either about any of the contents you have sent to be displayed, or about the interface as a whole, forward them to info@ceoafrica.com


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