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Terms and Conditions for Consultants On CEOAfrica TPM Consultation

The Total Productive Management section is a platform on CEOAFRICA, through which firms seek to improve the productivity of its employees and reduce production costs via the implementation of TPM methodologies and trainings.

To this end, TPM Consultants who wish to come on board, are required to possess knowledge in the various pillars in TPM which include:

  • Safety Health & Environment
  • Focus Improvement
  • Autonomous Management
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Progressive Quality
  • Training & Education


Also, interested consultants must be experienced in the successful running and implementation of improvement teams (including Process Kaizen Engineer PKE teams) and should have adequate knowledge of problem solving techniques applicable in the execution of TPM activities.

The consultants are expected to:

  • Send their profile , including their areas of specialization in TPM
  • Give details of their experiences in their various fields
  • Prepare two (2) TPM projects in whatever section successfully concluded
  • Prepare/Execute the applicable training demands for the client(s) and will be entitled to 50% of the  income generated from the stipulated trainings
  • Address FAQ
  • Give specific times for easy accessibility online

The lists of charges for the specific trainings are attached for reference.

The consultant shall not directly or indirectly contact the client outside this platform on CEOAFRICA.COM

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