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Terms and Conditions for Clients On CEOAfrica TPM Consultation


“Total Productive Management-TPM”, a platform on CEOAFRICA social media network, was setup to     meet the yearnings of small, medium and large corporations in Africa. In these trying times, where          resources, especially funds are limited, the need to optimize business processes becomes even more      necessary. TPM addresses all the issues regarding cost reduction and delivery of goods and services with high standards. The implementation of the TPM methodology is basic and easy and requires the support of all in the corporation to keep the wheels of progress and growth turning. It is not an overnight adventure but a journey that will yield lasting results.

This platform can be accessed via two means, through the website via www.ceoafrica.com, and CEOAFRICA Bi-Monthly Newsletter.


The continent of Africa is an emerging economic power house, where commerce and trade are taking the front burner. Despite the endowment of both human and natural resources, the continent is yet to achieve its full potential in terms of business efficiency.

The Japanese lead the world with businesses or processes with a very level of efficiency and this is attributable to the successful implementation of the TPM philosophy. The road of implementation began in the late sixties and developed to cater for every sphere of the business world. This can be attested to by companies such TOYOTA, SONY etc. but to mention a few.

This philosophy is already being implemented in Europe, Asia and the Americas and its time that Africa joins the band wagon.  The TPM process involves a change of mind set, tracking every “loss” avenue and deploying effective tools to reduce and eliminate these “losses”, so that a zero breakdown or defect culture is achieved. This emanates from the view point that preventive maintenance activities are everyone’s business.

 This frees up funds for other business decisions, costs of production drops and production output is increased.

Implementing TPM is not an easy route or quick win venture. It may need two years or longer to attain full outcome. The initial phase program will incorporate costs including the training of all personnel and also include the operators performing basic maintenance tasks.  The restoration to basic conditions of equipment will also come at a cost. The dividend of the program outweighs the initial investment, which will benefit the whole corporation.

 The TPM approach is ideal for firms :

·        That want to improve employee productivity

·        Reduce production costs

·        Improve product quality

·        Apply new technologies or installations

·        Apply for the Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) certification.

·        Compete on a global level- set bench marking standards.

 Below are Terms and Conditions for clients, who are making use of “TPM” consultation platform on CEOAFRICA social media network. Please, read these terms and conditions carefully before engaging an online consultation with us;


By making use of “TPM” platform on CEOAFRICA social media network, or by booking a training program with any of our Consultants, you have agreed to honour the Terms and Conditions guiding clients on CEOAFRICA’s “TPM” interface.


To make use of the online consultation facilities on CEOAFRICA’s “TPM” interface, you are expected to do the following;

(2.1)  Register your firm on the website for free.

(2.2)  Select your preferred training program from the attached list of recommended trainings to meet your specific need on TPM implementation. Consultants are available to assist clients with the selection process.

(2.3)  Book a training slot online via the website after viewing the training program.

(2.4) Make necessary payments through credit cards, online money transfer, cash deposit or cheque into the account number rightly detailed online. Also note that there will be no refunds should the client cancel their course booking with less than 7 working days’ notice. Discounts may be given on the course rates depending on the number of delegates per course

PS: Prices are correct at press time, but they may be vary in line with the current economic conditions.

(2.5)  After payment confirmation, the training will be conducted at the customer’s site. The on-site trainings will afford the course participants the opportunity to try out some practical exercises on site. The philosophy of TPM trainings are practical based for ease of implementation.

(2.6)  After the course participants will receive course materials and certificates of participation.

 (2.7) Privacy

The clients information shall not be shared with anyone except within the TPM platform of CEOAFRICA.


Under no condition should any of our clients make any legal process against “TPM” interface on CEOAFRICA social media network

 But, if any of our clients should notice anything displeasing from our service, or have any complaint regarding the acts and behavior of any consultant, kindly forward your complaints to tpm@ceoafrica.com, and be rest assured that your complaint(s) shall be given utmost  urgent and maximum attention. 


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