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Terms and Conditions for Clients On CEOAfrica Online Health Consultation Interface


“Health and You”, an interface on CEOAFRICA social media network, is borne out of the aim of promoting a healthy African Continent.  It is an interface whereby Africans can visit to upgrade their knowledge about health-related topics, which has hindered the development of the Continent, thus making Africans health conscious.

This interface is made up of two parts. The first part helps to enlighten individuals about salient health issues that have caused a lot of confusion amongst Africans. Topics like Cholera, Hepatitis, Cancer, Sexually Transmitted infections e.t.c, are extensively discussed by renowned Medical Experts. This part is available online and in print via www.ceoafrica.com , and CEOAFRICA Bi-Monthly Newsletter respectively. The second part of this interface is basically an online affair. This is where experts in various medical fields are readily available to attend to the medical needs of clients through online consultation at a fee  


Africa is a large continent endowed with human and natural resources of every kind, yet it is less developed majorly because of various health challenges confronting her every moment. This is a major setback to the wheel of African progress. CEOAFRICA, being conscious of the fact that a healthy people make a wealthy continent, included “Health and You” interface as part of the benefits you can enjoy from our social media network. Online consultation becomes a necessary panacea to promoting befitting healthy atmosphere for Africans due to the following reasons;

v  Most well-equipped Hospitals where renowned medical personnel can be found are either owned by the Government, or they are Teaching Hospitals. People are assured of adequate health care, coupled with the availability of well-equipped facilities at a subsidized rate for an average African income earner. But these afore-mentioned hospitals are usually over populated, inadequate skilled personnel to attend to the health matters of the people.

This makes one-on-one consultation with consultants a difficult task for patients and those in need of professional medical attention, as a result of which many lives have been lost, while some people’s condition deteriorates per second, simply because they weren’t attended to at the appropriate time.

However, with the online consultation on CEOAFRICA, patients don’t have to experience long processes of getting to meet with the right consultant on any ailment anymore. All you have to do is log on to www.ceoafrica.com, click on “Health and You” interface, do the necessary registration and you are free to access any of our World class Consultants at any time you prefer.

v  In most African Countries, standard and well-equipped hospitals are usually far away from residential areas. In case of any emergency that may arise, Online Health Consultation on CEOAFRICA social media network is or great use. This is because our readily available Consultants could prescribe drugs, or give instructions about what can be done as First-Aid

v  Treatment, which would sustain the patient in question till he/she gets to the hospital to receive absolute medical treatment.

v  Also, our online consultation facilities on CEOAFRICA guarantees your meeting at all times with best, renowned, tested and trusted Medical practitioners, who would take their time by attending painstakingly to your health needs. 

Below are Terms and Conditions for clients, who are making use of “Health and You” Online consultation interface on CEOAFRICA social media network. Please, read these terms and conditions carefully before engaging an online consultation with us;


By making use of “Health and You” interface on CEOAFRICA social media network, or by keeping to a medical appointment from any of our Consultants, or by following their recommendations resulting from your previous online medical interaction made on this interface, you have agreed to honour the Terms and Conditions guiding clients on CEOAFRICA’s “Health and You” interface.


To make use of the online consultation facilities on CEOAFRICA’s “Health and You” interface, you are expected to do the following;

(2.1)  Register with a fee of $ 50, which gives you access for online consultation for a period of  seven ( 7 ) days  payable through credit cards, online money transfer, cash deposit or cheque into the account number rightly detailed online.

(2.2)  After your payment has been verified, you are to fill an online health questionnaire, which would enable you to have, after submission, access to the list of Consultants in the area of that specific health needs.

(2.3)  Click on any of the Consultants in the area of your specific need currently available and you will be dully attended to.


 CEOAFRICA has made provisions for any convenient means of having a smooth and hitch-free online consultation with any of our renowned consultants. This could be in form of chat, webcam interaction, audio- online conversation, depending on the preference of our clients. While the online conversation is ongoing, clients are advised to;

(3.1) Be ready to make genuine and truthful explanation(s) regarding that particular ailment(s) they wished the consultant to assist in treating.

(3.2) Avoid using foul, abusive, threatening or repudiating statements directed at any of our online Consultants.

(3.3) Strictly abide by whatever prescription, or medical advice given by any of our online consultants.

(3.4) Desist from adding, or deleting any information from the profiles of our consultants displayed online.


CEOAFRICA will treat every health information divulged to our online consultants, either through questionnaire, on the webcam interaction, through chat, or on the audio format, with strict confidentiality except;

v  If required by the law.

v  If we notice a risk of harm to others, or an actual danger to yourself.


Our online consultants, during the course of online interaction with our clients, can make some medical recommendation which could include drugs prescription that can help to improve the client’s health condition. However, CEOAFRICA has no jurisdiction as to the cost of the prescribed drugs.


CEOAFRICA has no control over any external sites linked to the “Health and You” interface, and will not be held responsible for any damages, incidence, accident, harm or whatsoever caused to any of our clients through these linked sites.


Under no condition should any of our clients make any legal process against “Health and You” interface on CEOAFRICA social media network. As an online consultation service provider, we have selected the best, competent, morally upright and distinguished medical practitioners, with positive track-records to come on board. But, whatever medical recommendations they make, either online or through personal interaction with any of our client, are strictly in accordance to the Ethics guiding medical profession and on the information(s) received from such client, hence the earlier advice that clients should give correct information(s) about their health and medication during the period of online interaction with our consultants.

 But, if any of our client should notice anything displeasing from our service, or have any complaint regarding the acts and behavior of any online consultant on the “Health and You” interface, kindly forward your complaints to healthandyou@ceoafrica.com, and be rest assured that your complaint(s) shall be given utmost  urgent and maximum attention.  


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