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Terms and Conditions for CEOAfrica Career Spot Interface

“CEOAFRICA Career” is an interface on CEOAFRICA Social Media Network, which focus on helping Africans, especially the youths, to develop their career. Youths are the main source of economic strengths of a Continent. Youthfulness is a state where full abilities, zeal, passions and optimum enthusiasm are displayed. It is a delicate stage in life where important decision which can either make, or mar the entire career of an individual is made. However, millions of African youths are not gainfully employed, whereas most of them are Graduates from various higher institutions of learning spread across the Continent.

As a matter of fact, if these set of youths are gainfully engaged with one profitable venture or another, then the whole Africa would not only experience drastic economic increase, but also, a perpetual end to incessant chaos, anarchy and doom at every nook and cranny of the Continent, since most of these evil like harmed robbery, hooliganism, prostitution, internet advanced free-fraud, drug abuse, just to mention but few, are majorly perpetuated by the youths since an idle hand and mind, is devil’s workshop.

CEOAFRICA, being a vast Social Media Network which cuts across the whole African Continent, foresee that the career of our African youths must be rescued as a matter of urgency. Therefore, the interface “CEOAFRICA Career” is designed to assist our youths to be gainfully employed by placing their Curriculum Vitae (C. V), and/ or Resume on the internet, so as to get the desired connection with industries, firms, conglomerates, ministries, corporate organizations, NGOs, parastatas, media houses, security agencies, and companies that wish to recruit at any point in time.

For CEOAFRICA to achieve its main aim of making African economy the best all over the World on, or before 2060, it is of greater importance to make sure that youths, as the future of this great continent, are well integrated into the developmental programmes that would uplift the economic strength of the whole people of the continent. Thus, helping them to be gainfully employed, would translate into helping the continent to attain its deserve frontline in the Global economy.

Below are Terms and Conditions guiding the use of “CEOAFRICA Career” interface.  You are strongly advised to painstakingly read, digest and get comprehensive understanding of each and every one of them.


 “CEOAFRICA Career” is an interface on CEOAFRICA Social Media Network and we reserve the rights and absolute ownership of every content, data, sequential arrangement, and pictographic displayed on this interface. Therefore, under no condition should any individual or group of persons use any of our contents without receiving due permission from us.




On this interface, CEOAFRICA helps in building career by serving as a link between those seeking for employment and the prospective employers of labour in various fields. Part of the services we render is to help in dispatching Curriculum Vitae/ Resume sent to us by job seekers to places where there are vacancies. This service is completely free of charge, unless otherwise stated, and immediately there are employers who are interested in your services, we will make sure that you are directly contracted by them.


CEOAFRICA wants to guarantee the safety and privacy of whatever information about you that is being supplied to us. Under no condition are we going to use any of your personal information for our own benefits aside from the recruitment drive aimed to achieve.


As an individual who is willing to work, you are expected to send your CV/Resume to www.ceoafrica.com/ceoafrcacareer. Upon reception, our recruitment assessment team will make necessary verification. They will also help in getting them to appropriate prospective employers for further assessment, while other recruitment procedures shall be conducted by the employers as they wish.


“CEOAFRICA Career” interface wish to completely dissociate itself from influencing the recruitment of any individual who’s CV/Resume we possess. Neither shall we discourage any prospective employer from reaching out to any individual they wish to contact for recruitment assessment(s). We promise not to go beyond linking prospective employers with prospective employee through submission of CVs and Resumes to appropriate quarters.


Your CV/Resume sent to us through our interface “CEOAFRICA Career” is accorded with greater importance and we won’t toil with it at all. Once we are able to receive your CV/Resume, our recruitment assessment team would make necessary assessment based on those information received from you, after which your data would be sent to prospective employers based on your area of interest. Please note that your information would primarily be sent to prospective employers from your country, unless if the Headquarter of the company is situated outside the country of your location.


CEOAFRICA reserves the right to change, re-structure, redefine, remove, add and upgrade Terms and Conditions on “CEOAFRICA Career” interface with/without prior notification. As changes unfold, those visiting and/or making use of the interface would get acquainted to those changes or updates effected.



On no condition should any individual or group of persons upload any malicious data that could be harmful to our site. Any uploaded data must not be contrary to the rules and regulations of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, since CEOAFRICA is located within this jurisdiction. We reserve every right to make punishable decisions regarding such destructive behavior, and if necessary, legal actions could be taken against such an individual, or group of people who perpetuate that act.

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