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 Securing Africa:
Dec 16, 2013
By: Alabi Adeola Felicia

Nigeria: -

Resources are valuable possessions that help one through daily living. It is the available sources of wealth; a new or reserve supply that can be drawn upon when needed. It can come in different form, ranging from land, clothing, water, shelter, foods, other luxury goods and raw cash. These resources, in their numerous forms contribute in making life easier for one and to a considerable extent, make life worth living to those who have them within their reach and able to manage it well.

Resources can also be referred to as something or people turned to for assistance or security or resources provided by the mind or one’s personal capabilities. It is also referred to as the collective wealth or assets of a country or its means of producing wealth.

It can come in the form of renewable or non renewable, which implies that some of the resources can replenish after use while some can only be used once, after which it cannot be used for the same purpose nor can be replenished after some time.

However, whichever form the resources might come, it is a good thing to have the resources at ones disposal and at the same time extremely vital to have a good sense of how the resources should be managed such that the purpose is gratified or in most cases managed in a way that the very resources is sustained for later use.

How the resources are managed is very important because it is a factor that determined the gratification. The how factor makes you regret or satisfied after use of the resources. There is poor management, and there is wise management.

When resources are well managed, it not only gratifies the purpose, but also ensures sustainability in the case of renewable resources as well as forestalls avoidable disaster such as in the case of oil spillage and industrial wastes which cause water pollution and air pollution.

Environmental situation in Niger Delta is a typical example that resulted from lack of adequate management on the part of oil operators and effective effort from the government. Niger Delta witnessed the slow poisoning of its waters and the destruction of vegetation and agricultural land by oil spills which occur during petroleum operations because of ill management by the authorities concerned. The situation created a sort of unrest in the area because their source of wealth has been tampered with, breeding militant group that constitute threats to the entire economy.

Global warming which is primarily a problem of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is another result of ill management of natural resources. Activities like inordinate burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas for energy or cutting down and burning of forests to create pastures and plantations, all overloads our atmosphere, accumulating carbon which in turn acts as a blanket, trapping heat and over warming the planet, further rendering the environment intolerable for productive activities.

Moreover, the resources in question determine the kind of management that is applied to it to retain its value. Money, for instance, a non renewable resource needs a prudent use to avoid one getting broke. Money can be managed wisely if it is invested on lucrative things that can yield much more in return. Investing wisely has been the major means of retaining money because it not only yield much more but also enables you to make further investment.

Confusion is bound to occur if you don’t manage resources well. A prudent one who avoid extravagant spending and also take time to plan how the resources at hand will be used before the expenditure. Wise management guarantees peace of mind and security of the manager as it saves some disaster such as going broke or landing into debt.

Good management of all resources pays and expands wealth. Wise Management of resources like money would guarantee a huge savings for future investment that will increase establishment and improve one’s status.

Adequate planning is good for wise management of any resource; it pays to grab the management know-how of any assets to enhance maximum returns, growth and sustainability of the resources as well as guarantee security to the manager and the environment.




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