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 Securing Africa:
Nov 15, 2013
By: Alabi Adeola Felicia

Nigeria: -

Have you ever heard of the improvised saying that constant little drops of water make a mighty ocean?  Likewise a business can become big even when you start with a very small capital. It all depends on putting the right effort into it and praying for God’s blessings on your business.

You can start a business with small capital and reap a huge interest to use in expanding your business as the bible even said that you should not despise the days of little beginning.

If you start small and sell your product and services to somebody today, he will help you advertise to another person who might patronise you tomorrow and by the time you know what is happening, your business is already growing.

Waiting for big capital can make the idea to die in your mind and you might even have relenting spirit to start the business before you get big capital.

Some people may not even be able to cope with a big business for a start but as you carry on with small business, you gather more experience and you will find it easier when the business becomes bigger.

Big companies of today started from somewhere. You too can start your business even with small capital and it will grow to become a big business.


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