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 Securing Africa:
Nov 15, 2013
By: Alabi Adeola Felicia

Nigeria: -

Equality is rating people the same way. In law of equality, people are the same. There is no difference between one person and another; you treat everybody the same way as you meet them in your daily activities.

Fairness is like being kind in judging others. You have to be fair in judging others; that is being considerate in your judgement of others. Putting others into consideration is very important because if people know that you are kind, they will be kind to you as well and peace will definitely reign in your life that way as the saying goes, a good turn deserves another.

Equality and fairness is a very necessary instrument for peace in Africa as it is seen in the case of oil rich Niger-Delta region. When the government deprived the youths from enjoying benefits from money accrued from crude oil, there was crisis in Niger Delta but when the government started the amnesty programme, peace started to reign in the region.

In this case, the government put itself in the shoes of Niger- Deltans and expressed fairness in its judgement.

In a family, equality and fairness is also very important. You treat each child the same way by giving them equal right. When you scold a child too much while you are not doing the same to other children, this might force him to join bad gang as he will feel unloved and might want to find solace elsewhere.

The gang will then lead the child to committing crimes which of course takes peace away from the family. This is what can result from not treating all children of a family equally and with fairness.

There is peace between Nigeria and Cameroon recently because Nigeria has released their boundary to them. Nigeria did not judge the population of Cameroon small but treated them with equality and fairness which in turn brought about peace.

In conclusion, when you see everyone around you as equal and treat them fairly, whether you are from the country or religion or not, peace will definitely be the end result in Africa and the world at large.


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