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 Securing Africa:
Nov 06, 2013
By: Alabi Adeola Felicia

Nigeria: -

Social Media can be defined as platform for interaction among people from different works of life, which also enables effective exchange of information. Social media network have to do with the internet and the use of the internet. The use of internet to improve security awareness is all about how the internet functions in the aspect of security.

Through the internet, people around the globe can access information, as well as share information. Information on security can be post on facebook for people to read thereby inspiring security consciousness in very many.

Different security agencies reach a far wider public through sending security tips to their sites for people to read and stay fully alert security-wise. These security tips goes a long way to cultivate security culture in the people, preventing and combating crime, as well as enhancing peaceful co-existence among people in the community in the sense that they are fully aware of how best to secure themselves and the consequences of constituting insecurity to others.

The social media brings the government of the people to the door steps of the people. It makes possible for free flow of information between the government and the governed as it enhances effective communication in which there is direct and faster feedback compared to the case of print media where the exchange is not that easy. Through the social media, the people easily access information about the security of their nation, the state of the economy.

The social media at every point in time have something to divulge about the economy, ranging from government spending plan, issues of finance, or a drop in the stock market.  This kind of constant update rendered to the people on the state of affairs in the nation help to a very great extend in carrying the whole populace along, creating more avenue of mutual agreement in the steps taking in the growth of the economy. The social media by creating this easier link among the nation help in sustaining the security of the nation as deficiency in communication play major role as factor of insecurity.

During a crisis, emergency managers not only need to know what is happening around them to gain a clear operational picture of the situation, they must also understand the needs of the affected population, the planned response, and the resources available.

However, social media platforms can make a lot of information instantly available not only to emergency managers, but to the general public as well. Because responders cannot be everywhere, the public has increasingly become the eyes and ears at a crisis scene. By actively listening to the public and monitoring social media networks, emergency responders are able to gather valuable insights about a situation. Social media can greatly improve situational real-time intelligence and provide valuable SA (Security Awareness) data.

Many social networks are accessed through mobile platforms, such as smartphones and tablets, which, via their built-in GPS systems, can provide additional geospatial information in their social media feeds. So, not only can you access real-time information, you can get the added advantage of location information.

The technology behind social media (social technology) has been responsible for launching our world into the Connection Economy. It’s created a world where connections are easier to manage, find, organize and leverage. It’s allowed us to jump past “using the internet to access content” to “using the internet to connect with people and content” and on the long-run creating global security awareness.





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