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 Operation Feed Africa:
Aug 29, 2013
By: Lawal Jamiu

Nigeria: -


Africa Countries have been urged to strengthen ecosystems as the solutions

to helps local farmers in Africa continent to adapt to climatic change and to ensure that they produce enough food to meet nutritional needs of the society.


      This was made known at the conference convened by the UN Environment programme(UNEP) in conjunction with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO),other UN agencies, Governments and partners, explored ecosystem-based approaches  to enhance food security, ecosystem productivity and climate change adaptation in Africa.


      The Conference took place at Nairobi,capital city of kenya,nearly 800

Participants from more than 50 countries attended the conference.


     Reports conveyed that by 2050, food production need to double to meet the demands of changing diets and projection of 9 billion of citizens,UNEP reported.


      According to the FAO, Africa has 239 million under nourished

people, representing nearly a quarter of the entire population and the conference cited that Global food prices are expected to rise by 30 percent for rice and possibly double for maize by 2050, due to projected climatic change, temperature rises during that period.  



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