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 Operation Feed Africa:
Aug 29, 2013
By: Lawal Jamiu

Nigeria: -

Nigeria's Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development,Dr.Akinwumi Adesina has lamented on the low level of mechanization as a major set-back for the attainment of food security in the country and called for an improvement on the issue.


     The Minister said the poor state on our mechanized farming is hindering the attraction of youth to agriculture to expand land cultivation and to achieve large scale of farming in the country.


     Adding that the Federal government through the Agriculture Transformation Agenda (ATA), is accelerating access of farmers to adequate mechanization services, improved seeds and fertilizers.


     Adding further that, National Center for Agriculture Mechanization (NCAM) in conjunction with ATA has developed appropriate and adapted agricultural machines which will be distributed to 18 states in the country and it will provide the platform for awareness campaign and field testing that will subsequently provide the initial building blocks that will drive the commercialization of these states.


     He expressed belief that the operations of the machines in the states would create necessary awareness that would drive demand and encourage investors to mass produce them under a good atmosphere.


     Speaking further, Adesina said NCAM has made tremendous contributions in

providing the necessary facilities for agriculture mechanization,research,development and development and the completion of the engine tractor and farming machines development complex.


      A 3-Wheeled mini-tractor developed by NCAM and Bespoke Design concept, and achievement which the said could be reflected to as a first step in achieving the first 'made in Nigeria' tractor.


    He said private sector have a large role to play in commercialization of

agricultural machinery in the country and the government has inject several billions of naira in the past years to purchase tractors and and other farm equipments but absence of maintenance culture and corruption have made these efforts of unsuccessful government direct procurement and distribution of tractors was riddled with corruption, as old refurbished tractors were sold to government as new tractors that is why this government stopped procurement and distribution of tractors. 



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