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Monday, 30th November, 2020
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I rejected the world bank fund because i do not believe in COVID-19- Yahaya Bello
Oct 27, 2020
Source: CEOAfrica News: Reported by Joy Onuh

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, said the state government rejected N1.1 billion support fund from the World Bank because of his disbelieve in the existence of COVID-19.

The governor also described the World Bank’s Memorandum of Understanding for the fund as “a one-sided agreement”.

He however admitted that the state government received N1 billion from the Federal Government to tackle the effects of COVID-19 in his state.

He said on Tuesday the while fielding questions on Television.

According to Bello, COVID-19 pandemic has a political undertone.

He said, “I rejected the World Bank fund because I do not believe in COVID-19. Even the five cases reported in Kogi State is an NCDC creation.

“Go and check records. Kogi State is the only state that refused to sign that document for N1.1bilion because I don’t believe in COVID. N500million has been disbursed, Kogi State did not receive and I refused to receive and I rejected it.

“I refused to sign because it is a one-sided agreement.”

Speaking on his reasons for accepting the COVID-19 fund from the Federal Government and rejecting that of World Bank, Bello said, “Even though we did not have COVID-19 in Kogi State, we are equally affected; because our economy was equally affected and Federal Government released that fund to assist every state and we cannot reject it.”

Bello had earlier expressed concern over the receipt of COVID-19 materials by state governments from COCAVID and other organisations.

He said it was “ridiculing” that “they bring three trucks and still want to do pre and post-audit.”

The governor said his government had been handing out palliatives to residents before COVID-19.

“I did say when COVID-19 came into this country that a few people are going to profiteer and that is what has happened. And I am saying it again that a few individuals are setting certain agenda for 2023. Now, from #EndSARS to hoodlums stealing CACOVID to various youths or people saying IPOB and statements. Various groups are making statements,” he added.


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