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Friday, 25th September, 2020
 Nigeria   ::   News
Update: See why Kano Sharia court sentenced Singer Sharif-Aminu to death
Aug 11, 2020
By: Abara Bleesing Oluchi

The Judge, Khadi Aliyu Muhammad Kani who sentenced Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, 22, to death in Kano on Monday has said he could appeal against the verdict.

Yahaya Sharif-Aminu was sentenced to death by hanging for blaspheming against the Prophet Muhammad.

Mr Sharif-Aminu did not deny the charge.

Speaking on the verdict, the Judge Khadi Aliyu Muhammad Kani said he could appeal against the verdict.

Only one of the death sentences passed by Nigeria’s Sharia courts has been carried out since they were reintroduced in 1999.

The singer who is currently in detention, had gone into hiding after he composed the song.

Protesters had burnt down his family home and gathered outside the headquarters of the Islamic police, known as the Hisbah, demanding action against him.

Critics said the song was blasphemous as it praised an imam from the Tijaniya Muslim brotherhood to the extent it elevated him above the Prophet Muhammad.

‘Judgement will serve as deterrent to others’

The leader of the protesters that called for the musician’s arrest in March, Idris Ibrahim, told the BBC that the judgement will serve as a warning to others “contemplating toeing Yahaya’s path”.

“When I heard about the judgment I was so happy because it showed our protest wasn’t in vain.

“This [judgement] will serve as a deterrent to others who feel they could insult our religion or prophet and go scot-free,” he said.

Sharif-Aminu is an Islamic gospel musician. He is not well-known in northern Nigeria and his songs were not popular outside his Tjjaniya sect, who have many such musicians within their ranks.

He was alleged to have said that Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse, the Senegalese founder of the Tijaniya sect, which has a large following across West Africa, “was bigger than Prophet Muhammad”.

The sentence has not been carried out as a death penalty requires the sign-off of the state governor.

Mr Inyass is still in detention.

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