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Thursday, 16th July, 2020
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Actor, John Dumelo seeks legalization of polygamy in Ghana
Dec 05, 2019
Source: CEOAFRICA NEWS: Reported By: Anuoluwapo Oloruntola

Award-winning Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has opined that polygamy should be legalised in Ghana.

The screen star cum politician is of the opinion that most men have side chicks and have affairs outside their marriages as such the ordinance law against polygamy needs to be repealed.

Dumelo is not only campaigning for men to be able allowed the right to marry more than one wife as he also added that women should also be allowed to practice polyandry and marry than more man. According to him, women should also be allowed to choose multiple husbands because it is “perfect” for both ways.

The married actor wrote in a now deleted Instagram post:

“Under customary law and Mohammedans law Cap 129, a man can marry more than one woman. Under the marriage Ordinance Cap 127, a man is allowed to marry only one woman. If he marries more than one, he commits bigamy. I think it’s time for that to be repealed. After all most married men have side chicks and it’s time elevate them to wifey status because they perform the same duties.”

Responding to her husband’s post, his wife, Gifty Mawunya Dumelo wrote: “Equal rights indeed …babe hurry home and meet my new new husband.”

This is not the first time Dumelo is speaking out in support of polygamy as he had previously said during an interview with Accra based Citi FM that he sees  nothing wrong with engaging in polygamy as long as the family has enough resources to take care of the large household.

He said: “I feel that there’s nothing wrong with it. I mean if our brothers and sisters who are Muslims are doing it perfectly, why not Christians? Provided you can take care of your family and your two or three wives that’s fine and I mean, I speak to a lot of Muslim friends of mine and they’re okay with it, personally I don’t believe in it but I feel it’s good for Ghana.

“The reversal is also perfect, do it both ways, do it for women also but naturally, men are like that and women aren’t so you will find less women doing that, but I think should be legalised.”

Popular Ghanaian socialite, Michelle Diamond popularly known as Shatta Michy has since responded to Dumelo’s call for bigamy and polyandry to be legalised.

According to Michy, she will be comfortable with having five husbands should polyandry be legalized in Ghana. In an Instagram story sighted, Michy made fun of Dumelo’s call.

She wrote: “So John thinks polyandry should be legalized, but can men actually take it?? I want 5 husbands then, 1 will get boring.”

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