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Tuesday, 23rd April, 2019
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Access to funds vital for the emergence of young entrepreneurs
Dec 06, 2018
Source: Ayedero Victor

We can all agree that Government alone cannot provide adequate jobs to cater for the ever increasing number of job seekers today, neither can it single handedly build a solid economy hence the need for the emergence of more young, vibrant and driven entrepreneurs .

Small and Medium Enterprises are a major contributor to the economy, as a matter of fact, they are the foundation upon which most world economies are built. Virtually all the biggest brands we see today started with a man or woman’s idea which was efficiently executed.

This is where the role of entrepreneurs come into play. Young entrepreneurs in real sense are never really in short supply. The challenge however most of the time is lack of funds or financial backing to execute their ideas. For this reason, many have had to shelve their vision to pursue paid jobs rather than creating jobs not just for themselves but others as well. A lot of businesses have gone under owing to financial difficulties throwing many out of jobs.

It is therefore important for government and well meaning individuals to fashion out a system where funds can be made available for entrepreneurship purposes. A system that encourages young entrepreneurs with good and workable business plans by making funds accessible would go a long way and everyone will be better for it.

This would certainly help create a lot of jobs, curb youth restiveness, improve insecurity and other social vices, as well as be a catalyst for improved infrastructure. Most of our societal challenges can adequately be addressed by empowering the youth population who are full of energy. We are where we are today because this energy is not being channeled positively and as we have already seen it is very costly to have young people whose energy are channeled towards negativity.

Without doubt one of the better ways of harnessing the potentials of our youthful population and channel their energy towards positivity and productivity is by supporting them with funds for their business enterprise.

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