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Tuesday, 23rd April, 2019
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Local and Subnational Governments of Africa adopts charter on Migration
Dec 06, 2018
By: Abara Bleesing Oluchi

The local and subnational governments of Africa have met in Morrocco to adopt the Charter of Local and Subnational Governments on Migration.

This was made known in press release issued by Local and Subnational Governments of Africa in Marrakech, Morocco on Tuesday

It noted that migration and the displacement of populations are historical and global phenomena affecting the entire planet, including Africa, whose population of migrants or displaced persons is estimated to nearly 50 million.

According to the statement, a vast majority of migratory flows and population displacements in Africa occur within the continent; with migrant populations often leaving a local or subnational government to settle temporarily or permanently within another local or subnational government in Africa or outside Africa.

The Charter among other things states that any local and subnational government that adheres to the Charter, pledges to: “enforce the rights of migrants in its locality, to facilitate their peaceful integration into hosting communities, and to promote cohesion and conviviality between the hosting communities and the migrant populations; cooperate with the local and subnational governments that welcome migrants from its locality both in Africa and outside Africa, in order to establish mutually beneficial links with the Diaspora, and to involve them in the efforts of growth and sustainable human development of their communities of origin; help migrant populations in danger in the name of solidarity and fraternity due to all human beings without distinction.”

The Charter also unequivocally opposes “All forms of xenophobic violence and discrimination against migrants both on the Africa continent and in other regions. In this regard, any public official or citizen who makes racist or xenophobic statements against migrants or who is involved in smuggling and in human trafficking must immediately be brought before the competent authorities; local, national or international policies that criminalize migration and criminalize the provision of assistance to migrant populations as, contrary to international humanitarian law; the construction on its territory of detention camps to accommodate African migrant populations expelled from other parts of the world,” among other things.

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