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Sunday, 20th January, 2019
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A staff on Steve Harvey's radio show found dead in his hotel room
May 30, 2018
By: Bukola Aborode

The lifeless body of a 39-year-old employee on Steve Harvey';s radio show, Bryan Cooke was discovered in his hotel room by one of Steve';s famous co-hosts.  

According to the incident report, cops were called to the W Hotel in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon, where the body of Kier "Junior" Spates'; assistant, Bryan Cooke, had been discovered in his room with blood and vomit coming from his nose and mouth.  

Spates asked hotel staff to check on Cooke after he didn';t respond to him, the two ';Steve Harvey'; employees were supposed to catch a flight to L.A. later that day. When no one answered, staff went in to find Cooke lying face down on his bed, and cold to the touch.  

Police say Spates told them he and Cooke had hit the town the night before, but that Cooke appeared fine upon returning to the hotel. They even smoked cigars together before going to their separate rooms, and Spates said they did not partake in any drugs.  

Police note prescription pills were found in Cooke';s room but did not disclose the medication. It';s unclear if any pills had been taken or played any role in his death. They also said housekeeping came by to clean Cooke';s room, but thought he was sleeping.

Spates is a well-known radio personality on Harvey';s show. He referred to Cooke as his "best friend" to authorities.


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