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Saturday, 17th February, 2018
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Germans boo Ivanka for defending Trump
Apr 25, 2017
By: Mistura Salaudeen
(L-R) German Chancellor Angela Merkel and First Daughter and Adviser to the US president, Ivanka Trump, leave after a panel discussion at the W20 summit in Berlin, Germany, April 25, 2017.

Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President’s Donald Trump’ was booed by an audience in the German capital, Berlin after defending her father, calling him a "tremendous champion of supporting families."

Ivanka, who is now a White House adviser, was speaking about her father's attitude toward women during a high-profile women's panel in Berlin on Tuesday.

During Ivanka’s remarks praising her father, the audience began to boo her, prompting the panel’s moderator to ask Ivanka to elaborate on her comments.

Trump was repeatedly criticized during his presidential campaign for his inflammatory language against Muslims, immigrants, women and other groups.

The first daughter said she has heard criticism from the media and said her goal in her father's administration is "incremental positive change."

Ivanka was met with skepticism in Germany, which views the new US administration with suspicion and fear and is unsure of what to make of the first daughter.

“What does a daughter with no political experience have to do in the White House?” said Andrea Seibel, an opinion editor at Die Welt, the influential conservative-leaning Berlin daily.

* Ivanka Trump speaks during a women's panel in Berlin, Germany, on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. (AFP photo)

“We have family clan experiences in autocracies,” Seibel said. “Ivanka Trump isn’t elected, she is a daughter. She didn’t say anything in the elections when he was saying nasty things about women and migrants. She is his voice, but somehow she has a nicer face.”

Trump has recently come under a furious backlash from political opponents and ethics experts for placing his children in positions of power.

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was also appointed as a senior White House adviser by the president.

There was widespread criticism of the White House last month when Ivanka, who at the time held no official government position, was seated next to Merkel during a meeting on workforce apprenticeship.

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