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 Africa Investors' Corner:
CREATIVITY: Do it your way with Anuoluwa Babalola
Jul 25, 2015
By: Anuoluwa Babalola


Welcome to this special creativity section of the platform with AnuBabs.

Creative move has become the most distinct, respectful and profitable initiative in the business world. So, there is need for you to follow the trend.  

Experts say creativity is a core competency for leaders and a crucial component of the innovation equation, which requires whole-brain thinking; right-brain imagination, artistry and intuition, plus left-brain logic and planning.

It could however be deduced that organisations led by creative leaders have a higher success rate in innovation, employee engagement, change and renewal.

IBM’s Institute for Business Value recently published a study with interesting findings, where 1,500 Chief Executives were interviewed and they widely identified one leadership competency as being more important than all others; creativity. In fact, they identified creativity as “the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprise of the future”.

Meanwhile, this week I am going to be taking you through some creative processes you can practice and make by yourself and for yourself.

Particularly, if what you get from stylists after paying so much is not satisfying, then this section is for you. So, why not sit back at your comfort zone, cross your legs and cave out the style, which you desire and suite you. Try to save yourself some energy you use in correcting stylist and save more money.

Our focus would be on Embellished bead tights leggings and this week and these are what you will need:   
Patterend lace tights (or leggings), very thin needle, thread, scissors, and a set of beads varying from sizes to colours and then, to shapes. I chose two neutral colours (white and cream/gold), one complimentary (blue), one pot of sequin for the sparkle and a satin pearl pot for texture.

STEP1: Wear the tights/leggings to attain the perfect pattern

Wearing the tights will be the easiest way to apply the beads. Find a patch on the lace, where the texture is heavier on the pattern; the weave is stronger there and should hold the beads better, and slide needle through where you want to start.

STEP2: Usage of thread and beads

Pull the thread out to the necessary length needed for that section (usually 25-30cm) and make a firm double knot. Thread beads in and sew into the tights. Usually 4-5 beads per time is good for more control with the shape.

STEP3: Vary between beads and other desired decorations

Keep varying between beads and sequins and other decorations – once an area is done, finish with a double knot. Snap off thread to start on new section.

STEP4: Finishing

Repeat the steps when you are doing the other leg; see how they balance out overall on both legs.

Advice on choice of tights & caring

  • For this kind of beading (vines and chunks) better pick densely-woven tights or select bigger sequins, beads and crystals on sparsely woven tights like bigger laces.
  • If you do choose to do it on lace tights, then wear socks over the feet to prevent them from getting dirty.
  • Use handwash for cleaning and avoid beaded areas.
  • You could even try lace leggings if you don’t feel like such delicate care.
  • Be gentle while putting it on

Good luck!!!


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Irish said:
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