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Should I have a best meal?
Jul 24, 2015
By: Victor Adeoye

Nigeria: -

Seriously, when it comes to food choice, only few people have passed the ‘discipline’ test. That is the point where you know what to eat, when to it and how much you need to eat.

In making a food choice or having a best meal, majority understand what they shouldn’t have on the table but unfortunately, don’t know what is needed.

One might naturally lust after food with pleasant aroma and good colour but the saying: ‘all that glitters are not gold’ is also well placed in making a food choice.

What should be more important than just bursting hunger and the aroma of a meal is what would improve the wellbeing of the consumer. If your best food isn’t given you that yet, it is as good as having a backstabbing friend at your mercy whenever you need help.

The fascinating part is you don’t even have to be a food expert before you know what exactly is present in what food, though consulting a food technologist would lighten up the work load in the quest for a healthy meal.

Best meals, like best dress, are not expected to be eaten or worn every passing day, it should be as a matter of fact, be held sacred; a meal you eat once a while or on routine. And above all, it should be something that represents a fair proportion of the classes of food.

It is often said that if you must eat, eat like a king for breakfast, like a prince at lunch and as a slave at dinner. Eating like a king for breakfast simply hints at how much energy-giving food is important to carry out the entire day’s work without running out of steam and so, a healthy carbohydrate food or wholesome wheat meal is highly recommended.

Also, as the day moves on, what would make a good lunch should be a not too heavy meal. At the top of working activities, upsetting the stomach wouldn’t be a good idea and so, a good plant protein source might be all that is needed.

At the end of a highly engaging day, dinner choice should ordinarily be a no-brainer. Of course, one doesn’t expect to have another work-shift during sleep, so, food experts have totally recommended very little quantity of food, preferably fruits, should be considered to get the job done. Some fruits are very rich in hormones that make sleep much easier.

In other words, preferring a particular meal to others is quite conventional, but what is however uncertain is if you are your best meal’s ‘best choice’;  if it is not going to meet your health requirement as well as deliciously satiating, then it isn’t worth being your best meal.


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