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 Health & You:
Jan 04, 2014
By: Eze Nkeiruka Perpetua

Nigeria: -

  Every two seconds someone needs blood and about 1 in 7 people entering a hospital needs blood. The demand for blood is high, but the supply is not enough. While Organizations such as Red Cross and local blood banks hold blood drives almost everywhere yet the supply for blood is still insufficient simply because of the increased demand of blood products. Millions of lives are saved each year through blood transfusions. In many developing countries, people still die due to an inadequate supply of blood and blood products.

A reliable supply of safe blood is essential for scaling up health at several levels, particularly for women and children. For instance, more than half a million women die every year from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth worldwide.


Donating blood is not only good for those who will receive your blood but it has also possible effects for the donor too. Giving out blood has health and personal benefit which are:

  • Free mini-medical checkup: Before donating blood, donors are asked for a brief health history and tested for basic physical health checks like pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, cholesterol and haemoglobin level.
  • Reduce cancer risk: According to the miller-key stone blood center, donating blood regularly is associated with lowered risks for cancer including lung, colon ,liver, throat and stomach cancers. Risk level dropped in correlation with how often donors gives blood.
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Attack: Donating blood also improve cardiovascular health. Blood donation has heart-protecting benefits  by donating blood regularly, you can prevent blood from thickening too much. So when you give blood, the blood that remains in your body goes through a process called as heamodilution, making your blood diluted or thinner.
  • Replenish blood: Most people worry that if they donate blood, they could lose so much blood and that it may be unhealthy for them. But that is not true; the truth is that the body functions more efficiently by losing some. This is because when blood is donated, old red cell are displaced and the body produces new red cells that are more efficient to carry oxygen throughout the body.
  • Universal Blood Type: If you are blood type O, you have every reason to donate regularly. Blood type O negative is said to be a universal blood type which means that they can donate blood to people of all blood types.
  • Becoming a Hero: A pint of blood can save three lives by giving them lives and making you a hero, It can be achieved by having it in mind that millions of people across the globe are in need of blood because of car accidents, war , natural disasters, surgeries and treating anaemic conditions.



  • It saves lives.
  • It is the act of giving which is selfless
  • There is no substitute for human blood
  • Helps you to know if you have a healthy iron levels.
  • You cannot contract any infectious disease via donating.
  • It does not affect one’s body immunity level.
  • Most people are eligible to donate
  • You will have some ones undying gratitude




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