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CEOAfrica Terms and Conditions of Service

CEOAFRICA is the first business social media network designed to identifying and celebrating African entrepreneurship thus creating a medium for positive change in African economy. CEOAFRICA is a platform for captains of industries, Chief Executives of Corporate organizations, Executive Directors, Chairmen of conglomerate, Managing Directors, Heads of Governments, to form a common business frontier that will position African Continent as the world leading economy.

The following are Terms and Conditions of CEOAFRICA;

(1)   Absolute right to Trade Marks: CEOAFRICA owns the right to Trade Marks, Logos, contents and any information displayed on this website. It is highly prohibited for any individual, or group to use these contents for whatever reason(s), unless permission is duly received from us.

(2)   Username and Password: The means of securing your username and password is strictly your personal affair as CEOAFRICA will accept anything done in your account, provided your username and password are presented.

(3)   Disclaimer: CEOAFRICA does not guarantee an uninterrupted social media network. But our technicians will try to rectify any technical difficulty(s) which may arise during the course of using this social media network as soon as possible.

(4)   Software Authorization: No individual or group is allowed to decompile, disassemble structures, ideas or documents which belong to CEOAFRICA directly, or indirectly.

(5)   Dissociation from External Link errors. CEOAFRICA contains link to other websites, especially on our interfaces. However, we wish to dissociate ourselves from any difficulties or errors experienced during the usage of those external links from our social media network. Your activity(s) with any of the external links found on our social media network, regarding payments and delivery of goods or services are solely between you and the third party link in question. CEOAFRICA shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage, fraud or unlawful result from such dealings.

Access to our interfaces: CEOAFRICA interfaces are free and accessible to everybody, except “ CEO Chat”, which is only accessible to active financial members who have satisfied our membership policies listed below;

(6.1)   Membership registration form is only an online affair. There will be no provision for any form in print.

(6.2) An intending CEO’s company, industry, firm or conglomerate must be fully certified by the body in charge of corporate registration in any African Country.

(6.3) An intending member on CEOAFRICA must occupy the position of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chairman, Executive Director, Managing Director, or its equivalent, in a company, firm, industry, or conglomerate. He or she may or may not be the founder.

(6.4) No religious, gender, ethnic, regional or political discrimination of CEOs on CEOAFRICA platform. Membership is opened to any CEO that has been found worthy by the panel to do so.

(6.5) The CEO’S company, firm, industry, or conglomerate must have been operating for at least Five (5) years.

(6.5) Membership registration attracts a non-refundable annual fee of $1,000(One Thousand Dollars) only.

(6.6) Having completed the online membership form, membership status will be confirmed after a period of Two (2) weeks.

(6.7) Intending CEO must not engage in any form of criminality.

(6.8) CEOAFRICA reserves the rights to confirm or refuse membership upon discovery of fraudulent application.

(6.9) Any member who fails to renew his or her membership status by paying the $1,000 annual due will be denied access to the network until necessary things are done.

(6.10) While online with other CEOs, members must note that offensive languages are discouraged.

        (6.11) All the above-mentioned registration principles must be strictly adhered to by CEOs on  CEOAFRICA.

(7) Ending of Dealings: You are free to end your dealings with us at your convenient time. You may, or may not give us a prior notification to that effect.

(8)Virus or Malicious code upload: Under no condition should anybody upload malicious codes or viruses on this social media network.

(9) Deregistration: CEOAFRICA will not hesitate to deregister any member that violate the above-listed terms and conditions.

(10)  Our Interfaces: CEOAFRICA is a social media network made up of various interfaces which are generally divided into two. These are interactive and non- interactive areas. “Health and You” which enables our users to have online consultation with world-class Medical practitioners; “ CEO Chat”  where Chief Executive Officers, Captains of Industries, Heads of Conglomerates and Managing Directors meet to interact, dialogue and discuss the development of African Economy, are interactive interfaces on our social media network. The non-interactive interfaces  such as “Operation Feed Africa”, “Business News Across Africa”, “TPM”, “Hotels in Africa”, “Travel Guide”, just to mention but a few, made provision for feedbacks and comments of any individual visiting our site.

(10.1) You are solely responsible for your use of our interactive interfaces and you use them at your own risk.

(10.2) As you use our non-interactive interfaces, you are strictly prohibited from creating, posting, Uploading, transmitting, sharing, distributing, storing or publishing any message, comment, data, document, file, information, text, music, sound, photos, graphics, code or any other documents that are unlawful, libelous, obscene, rebellious, harmful, indecent, harassing, threatening, pornographic , or invade on private or public rights of anybody’s personality, religion, tribe, tradition, belief, or political principles.

(10.3) Under no condition should any individual, or group using our social media network upload any content that is objectionable, or restrict other users of both interactive and non-interactive areas of our interfaces from accessing them, or which could endanger  any of our users, resource centre, resource personnel, or partners.

(10.4) CEOAFRICA interfaces, either interactive or non-interactive areas, generally accessible or restricted interfaces can easily be swapped from one to another.

(11) Change, alteration or updating of Terms and Conditions: The above listed Terms and Conditions are liable to any form of change, alteration, and removal or updating. These could happen with, or without prior notification to those who use our site, provided it is effected by CEOAFRICA.

(12) Agreement: Members or users of CEOAFRICA social media network, by login unto our site, have automatically agreed with all our Terms and Conditions. Any violation of those Terms and Conditions may result in the following;

  • Termination or suspension of your right to access any of our interfaces either for a particular period of time, of for eternity.
  • Should violation of these Terms and Conditions require legal involvement, CEOAFRICA will not hesitate to assist the investigation panel with any information of yours in our custody, and after all, follow the legal injunction which may involve payment of fine and/ or jail terms.

Note: These Terms and Conditions are meant to regulate, guide and control our acts and behavior on CEOAFRICA social media network. They are for the smooth and effective running of our site.

As you use this site in accordance with the above Terms and Conditions, kindly accept CEOAFRICA’s warmest wishes, please.

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