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CEOAfrica Membership Policies

CEOAFRICA is a social media network designed to serve as a platform, where CEOs all over Africa meet to discuss, interact and dialogue on the developmental drives of African economy. This is borne out of the sheer passion of making Africa the largest economy in the world by 2060.

However, as a serious minded social media network, there are policies applicable to registering our members on this amiable platform. These policies are means of restricting membership to only CEOs that have the ability, will and passion to help the course of developing the  African economy.

All policies must strictly be adhered to, since they form the criteria which will confirm the membership status of any CEO that will be on the platform.

The policies are listed below:-

(1)    An intending CEO’s company, industry, firm or conglomerate must be fully certified by the body in charge of corporate registration in any African Country.

(2)    Membership registration form is only an online affair. There will be no provision for any form in print.

(3)    An intending member on CEOAFRICA must occupy the position of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chairman, Executive Director, Managing Director, or its equivalent, in a company, firm, industry, or conglomerate. He or she may or may not be the founder.

(4)    No religious, gender, ethnic, regional or political discrimination of CEOs on CEOAFRICA platform. Membership is opened to any CEO that has been found worthy by the panel to do so.

(5)    The CEO’S company, firm, industry, or conglomerate must have been operating for at least Five (5) years.

(6)    Membership registration is free.

(7)    Having completed the online membership form, membership status will be confirmed after a period of Two (2) weeks.

(8)    Intending CEO must not engage in any form of criminality.

(9)    CEOAFRICA reserves the right to confirm or refuse membership upon discovery of fraudulent application.

(10)While online with other CEOs, members must note that offensive languages are discouraged.

All the above-mentioned registration principles must be strictly adhered to by CEOs on this great platform known as CEOAFRICA. 

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