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Sunday, 11th April, 2021
Meet Your AfricanCEO

This deals with the unveiling and celebration of successful entrepreneurs on CEOAFRICA’s website and Bi-monthly Newsletter.  The life and business of the selected entrepreneur as it contributes to African economy is commemorated as pride of African economy. This will feature interview and pictorial representation of the life and business interest of the entrepreneur. The purpose is to present the spotlighted entrepreneur as a source of hope and aspiration for upcoming CEOs and African youths, towards believing that Africans are capable of emancipating Africa themselves.


“Meet Your CEO” interface is an avenue where Africans gets to know more about CEOs, Captains of industries, Chairmen of conglomerates, Heads of Parastatas, Managing Directors of various Corporate organizations, and successful business mogul spread all over the continent. It is an interview section which helps people to learn through various experiences of these leaders success stories, whereby assisting greatly in building the zeal to forge ahead in the midst of trials and tribulations those potential business men and women could encounter. All these are brief explanation of what the interfaces on CEOAFRICA social media network are all about.

Exclusive Interviews of CEOs in Africa